Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Nurgle Rhino, who said paper tanks can't be sexy?!

Heya all! 

As far as you can see I am getting my hands very dirty the past 2 weeks getting prepared for the tournament this Sunday! I had some changes in my Chaos Army list, so I had to build myself a Rhino for my Nurgle Chaos Marines (thats right, I didn't say Plague Marines as these are just Chaos marines with Mark of Nurgle, they are cheaper and still tough as nails... hope they serve me right!)

So following my latest post about pimping my old paper Rhino I stayed up late tonight to finish painting the little fella. Yeah, thats right, this is a paper model made from scratch using some online templates I have long lost (although I'm sure that a google search would bring up quite a few results) and a raid over my bitz box! I think I'm gonna try making a Vindicator as well! :P

I used the same recipe as in my Helldrake  for painting it as I was really happy with the results and I must say that I am happy with this one as well!

So there you go! Hope you like it as much as I do! Any comments are more than welcome! Don't forget to pop me a vote on CoolMiniOrNot as always!

Take care and listen to great music!!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Nurgle Rhino WIP and some happy dancing!

First of all I would like to thank you all once again for all your kind words about my Nurgle Helldrake! That kind of feedback is what drives me to continue building stuff! 

Having that in mind and the Tournament I want to take part in on Sunday, I decided to build a Nurgle Rhino for my growing Chaos army, mostly because I want a ride for my Marines! 

I had built a scratchbuilt paper Rhino a long time ago, when I was playing with Chaos back in the 3rd edition. It was a simple built, using some online template I had found and the result was something like this;

the "before" pics

I really liked that model, but I thought that I needed to bring it up to date with the rest of my models, so I decided to spice things up and use some bits I had around (like that great Armorcast hatch)

The end result looks like this

The pictures are a bit blurry but I had to use my cellphone again... Hope you get an idea, I will get better pictures when I finish it.

Last but definitely not least, The CoolMiniOrNot Annual is out at last!! And I am really proud to be part of it once again!

the model I have in the annual is my beloved Furioso Dreadnought, I have already placed my order and I can't wait to get my hands on it!! 

Thats all from me for now, keep your eyes peeled for the painted version of my Rhino and have a great rest of your day with some nice tunes!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

HELL(drake)... it was about time!

And yes... my first painted model for such a long time its a reality at last!! I can't believe how much I have missed painting, so much that I finished this monstrosity in less than 2 days...

I present you, my version of the Chaos Helldrake

So much to say about this built but I think that I will just let the pictures do the talking, you can see some unpainted WIPs in my previous post. I must also say how awesome the Arachnaroc spider kit is (this is the base for this conversion for those that haven't figured out yet!).

I painted the majority of the model using airbrush with dark green and fleshy tones... but I also used plenty of weathering pigments on this one as well, you can see the results mainly on the rotors, where the rust has gone overboard!

I really love the way this model turned out! Its time now to focus on my next project, my next addition for my chaos army... maybe something that everybody is talking about these days... Dark Angels :P

I would really love to hear your opinion on this one, so far your feedback on the unpainted model was really great and I appreciate that! Finally your votes on CoolMiniOrNot are as always more than welcome!

And of course... inspiration from the depths of hell!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Kill it!! Kill it with fire!!

Has it ever happened to you, having a unit from your codex that you absolutely love but on the other hand you hate the model that is available for it? Well thats exactly what happened to me with the Helldrake unit from the latest Chaos dex, I totally despise the Helldrake model... I know its highly detailed and really awesome kit but I don't feel the connection with the whole feeling of a chaos army... at least not in my mind!

To make a long story short (hardly since I have already been mumbling geek stuff for the past paragrapgh :P ) I have decided long ago to make my own version of the Helldrake and since my love for Papa Nurgle is always strong, the image I had in my mind was already there...

...and then all of a sudden I saw this in GW's blog one day and it blew my mind! This was exactly what I had in mind for my own Helldrake... a giant fly... that flies... and now I have the model I need for my conversion!

Next thing I knew, I was ordering an Arachnarok giant spider! The conversion was pretty straightforward. I assembled the spiders body as in the instructions and repositioned its legs to look like they are just hanging.

That was the easy part, The hard part was the engines. I decided to create a turbine kind of propellant like the Blight Drone, totally from scratch.

The model now needed something to combine its organic nature to its mechanic parts. I needed cables and a lot of them. One great and really easy way to make various shapes and sizes of cabling is with some old combs and some greenstuff. The following picture gives u an idea, just make the greenstuff in the shape of a thin "worm" and roll the teeth of the comb over it until it gets the right shape.

The finished model looks like this, I used the flying base from Dragonforge (just the clear rod actually)

I apologise for the poor quality of the pictures but I ran out of batteries for my big camera, being inactive for so long :P They will help you get an idea as they are recharging :P

I created the scenic base in the same way as the bases of my Caestus and Stormtalon, using some dry clay chunks PVA and lots of gravel. I added some bits and pieces too to make something more scenic.

So there you have it... I'm quite happy with this project so far! Now its time to throw some paint on it. I would really love to hear your opinions!

Messing with my mind and my inspiration tonight were the OM... I know, something is really wrong...

Thursday, January 10, 2013

New year resolutions

Happy New Year!!... although a little late, I am working hard to make my new year resolutions come true any way I can. So many things going on in my life lately and one of the biggest changes has to do with my beloved hobby itself!

So I recently managed to move to live on my own. That means a lot more personal space for myself and my models :) . That explains my lack of time to get anything finished all this time as I was (and still am) swamped in work and getting things done. But I have managed to get some things into order and I am finally about to make one of my greatest dreams come true, my own personal man-cave! Here is a picture of it so far...

I also haven't shown you the other part of the room, as its still messy as hell :P I recon there should be a couple more days of tiding up and organising stuff untill I am ready to paint or build anything yet... although I know what my first project will be stay tuned! ;)

As it is a trend these days of the year I decided to share again some of the models of 2012 I am mostly happy with ...

Number one on my 2012 list has to be my beloved Caestus Assault Ram. It is my highest rated CoolMiniOrNot model so far, with a mark of  and a feature at the top miniatures of the week, it has been one of the most fun projects last year, and one that really taught me a ton of new stuff, especially about airbrushing! 

Number two on that list is definitely my Death Guard Land Raider Barbarus, part of my Pre-Heresy Death guard project, it has been a pleasure to convert and paint, setting the benchmark for the next vehicles to follow! 

Here's a small peek...

So that's all from me till now. I know, no new models yet but hopefully I will be able to pull sthg out really soon so keep your eyes peeled ;)

Take care with some late night tunes! Oh and I would love to hear your own New Years resolutions! :)