Sunday, July 28, 2013

Weird Quest - Trouble in Grouse Beak [Review]

Hello everybody!!

I would like to share something amazing with you, although not strictly hobby related.

I had the privilege to have an exclusive first time look at the beginning of a comic book series that a friend of mine just started publishing as an eBook and print on demand.

I have been following Panagiotis as a Comic artist for a really long time now and I have always been a huge fan of his work. When I learned that he was about to create his first series of graphic novels, revisiting an old set of characters and world he has created, I was certain that the result would be really great, but I wasn't ready for the awesomeness that I have witnessed reading Weird Quest.

Graphically the comic is an eye candy! Panagiotis' unique drawing style is everywhere bringing the looney characters and the colorful Fantasy world to life. The story is hilarious with a punchline waiting in every scene.

So if you are up to a really funny, action packed, colorful comic book at a steal of a price, then don't hesitate one second... this one is for you!!

You can get it from amazon here:

or from Drive Thru Comics here:

More formats available soon! 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Empire project rolling on... Karl Franz

Hello everyone!

following my previous post, I decided to post a small update on my next installment on my Empire project.

Karl Franz I, Protector of the Empire, Defier of the Dark, Emperor Himself and the Son of Emperors, Elector Count of Reikland and Prince of Altdorf

I am kinda deranged with this project, as I am planning on making all the mounts available for him, starting with Dreadclaw of course and a Pegasus. More updates soon! ;)

Yeah! Some more Clutch... Can't wait till Sunday to catch them live!! 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

the Empire strikes back

My relationship with Warhammer Fantasy was always a weird one. Is like having this really cool relative that you love so much but you rarely get to see or visit, you always learn news though and try to contact him as much as you can.

I don't know if I managed to give you a picture here or I confused you more but the thing I'm trying to say is that I love this game so much but due to a bunch of reasons, I don't get to play or paint Fantasy any more... which is really sad cause I absolutely love my 2 main armies... Skaven and The Empire

If you happen to follow my blog here, you may have noticed some articles in the past talking about my never ending Skaven project. But I recently noticed that my blog doesn't contain any reference on my aeons old Empire project, as well as my single most favorite creation of all times, my Steam Tank Invictus. Another thing that makes it even weirder is that I got the model on my blog's banner from the beginning but I never got the chance to show it fully (unless you've seen it over in Coolminiornot or Deviantart)

Anyways... cutting the story shorter I would like to present you my Empire stuff!
 photo steamtankcopy.jpg
Steam Tank Invictus

Empire Engineer on Mechanical Steed
Follow the links on the bottom to leave a vote in CoolMiniOrNot if you like!

The slideshow below shows some more projects that were left unfinished giving you an idea on what I would like to do with my models and what a big fan I am of the gun powder of Nuln :P

With all these said and done its easy to say that I got my Empire fever getting high again! I really need a break from all my 40K projects so get ready for a new Empire update really soon! ;)

HomeOfCadaver's Empire project album on Photobucket

Last but not least some music to groove your summer afternoons! Till next time, take care!