Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Merry Christmas to all, straight from the Underhive

Hello and Ho Ho Ho!!

Merry Christmas to all! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and your stockings are full of wargaming and modelling presents.

You may have noticed my Shadow War Armageddon post lately. It really woke my primordial lust for Necromunda. Don't get me wrong, Shadow War is a great game, it is based on the original Necromunda mechanics anyways so it was like playing the same game again, but it kinda missed something! The original Necromunda gangs! I wanted to field my good old gangs that were picking up dust.

I know it took me a while to mention Necromunda in this blog, especially since you know I love my Adeptus Arbites so much but I have been busy as hell lately. Now with all this Christmas vacation in front of me I have decided to make some of the lost time up and update my Necromunda craze.

One of my all time favorite warbands are definitely house Delaque. There is something so Matrix-ey and ultra cool about guys all dressed up in longcoats. As an added bonus, their fluff of them being so sneaky traitors and backstabbers really gets my gears going.

My Delaque warband is almost complete. It consists of every oldschool model released back in the day with the exception of the 2nd leader variant with the power axe. I have decided to have a complete makeover and rebuilt the models to make them look more up to date.

The models were painted really bad back in the day, not from my hands and I always wanted to repaint them at some point but I never got around doing it. So what better timing now than the official rebooting of the whole Necromunda game.

That said, the models needed their paint stripped. I have a technique that works really well both on metal and plastic and I will share it with you on a different article because I think that it will be of interest to a lot of you. Keep your eyes peeled then.

The other thing that kinda puzzled me with this restoration project was the base size. GW has introduced 32" bases to the new Goliath gang in the boxed set and I didn't want to have my Delaque based wrong. It seems though that Goliath are based like that on purpose because of their bulkiness. Having this in mind, I started basing them to the good ol 25" size. You can see some of the progress done in the following pictures.

So there you have it, stay tuned for more Necromunda madness the next days ;)

Till next time take care!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Shadow War Armageddon Ork German WW2 Themed Warband

Hello everyone!

As much as I want to update my blog more often, it seems that my free time has different opinion on that, hence my almost 2 month gap since my last update. But here I am with a finished project yet once more wanting to share it with you people.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Warzone Resurrection Emancipator Combat Aircraft finished

Hello everyone!

I have finally got around finishing the Emancipator Combat aircraft for Warzone Resurrection and I would like to share it with you. I am quite pleased with the end result and it was a really fun model to build and paint.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Warzone Resurrection Emancipator Aircraft WIP - more videos from my channel

Hello everyone!

You may have seen my previous post on Warzone Resurrection Unboxing  the stuff I got from Prodos Games and it became really apparent to me that I would definitely start building the Emancipator Aircraft. I really fell in love with that model right from the start.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Warzone Resurrection unboxing video - YouTube channel is live

Hello everyone!

Today I am really proud to announce that I have finally managed to succesfully upload my first video on my brand new YouTube channel.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Space Ork Wazdakka Gutzmek conversion

Hello everyone!

Following my latest ork craze I have decided to revisit some of my ancient conversions that I feel very proud of. If you follow my little piece of the internet here more regularly, you may have already noticed my Ork Mek Jetbike I have posted some time ago.

This time I took the time to modernize a conversion so old, that it is not valid with the current fluff anymore but I don't give a rats ass about that :P

I present to you, my version of Wazdakka Gutzmek, the infamous Evil Suns speed freak

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Space Orks Flash Gitz Freebooter Pirates WIP ... and a bottle of Squig Rum

Arr mateys, dis is captain Cadaver speaking wiv yet annuver Orkish goodie post!

It seems that I overly enjoyed myself over my last Ork Project and here I am looting my bits over some more ork conversions. This time I have decided to revisit my old Flash Gitz Pirate conversions. Again, these are some older conversions of mine that have been accumulating dust on my shelf over the years. But better late than never as they say.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Space Orks Evil Sunz Mek on deff-jetbike

Hello everyone!

Being on a creative spree I have decided to finish my latest project, something which I had a hard time deciding what eventually is, untill you people gave me a revelation. I present to you Mek Gitfixa on his deff-jetbike.

This model has started as a project more than 10 years ago. Yes, you heard that right. It has been sitting on my bench on various stages for more than a decade. It originally started as a count as deffcopta, back when they were first introduced as a unit choice. I wanted to field some but it was impossible to find a model since the only alternative was the original gorkamorka model which was even then extremely rare and oop.

I had always a great thing for conversions, especially orky ones. Orks were my very first Warhammer army and it really got me into modelling and converting all sorts of waky vehicles and individuals. So I decided to rummage my bits box for suitable bits to create a deffcopta model to use in my games.

The main model I used was an old Warzone jeep model (I really don't remember what model though, I will make my research and I will edit this article so keep an eye on this space, unless someone out there finds out earlier so please comment below if you remember :) ). The jet packs are 2nd edition ork pulsa rokkits, the chainsaws in front are Catachan saws from the Catachan Sentinel set, Rokkets are from an 1:48 figher jet kit and various bits from the ork boys sprue, includng the Mek boy itself, with sculpted googles to add character. There are various sculpted parts in the model to integrate all bits seamlessly in the final model.

I went with a typical Evil Sunz paint sceme, staying true to the mythos that Red ones go fasta, a machine like this must definitely go faster than anything else this Mek has ever created, although it will probably kill him eventually. I have tried some flame patterns and checkers both freehand and transfers to add to the final orkyness.

So there you have it. My first finished ork project for a long time, and I hope definitely not the last. I would love to hear what you people think. If you have any questions concerning the overall conversion process I would be happy to help so feel free to hit me with anything in the comments below. As always I would love to see your votes on CoolMiniOrNot

Till next time, take care! 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Da kult uv speed - WIP Deffkopta/Jetbike/youtellmewhatthisis

Hello everyone, I know it's been a while since my last article but as always life had other plans leaving my hobby aside.
Trying to get my creative juices flowing once again, I have decided to finish a really old project of mine that I never had the chance to finish. My Deffcopta conversion.

Posting this on Facebook last night, a friendly commenter pointed out that it looks more than an orky jetbike more than anything else, so I may eventually go with that option. Any possible suggestions are more than welcome in the comments below ;)

The model is based on an old Warzone model and lots of various orky bits and gubbinz. I am going of course for a full old school evil sunz paint scheme.
The model is still a WIP, but you can get an idea of where I am going with this. I would really like to hear what you think.

Lastly, you may have already figured out by now the changes in the website layout. The site is also a WIP but I would also like to hear your comments so far.

Till next time, take care and have a good one!