Thursday, October 10, 2013

Velerefontis, a new project

Hello to everyone

After a long time I am able to get my free time together and pick up my brushes and glues again! There are literally (well not exactly but you get the idea! :P ) a ton of things waiting to be finished in my desks (see my last project of Karl Franz to get an idea) but I have decided to start on a brand new project, mainly because there is a modelism competition at the end of the month and I want to take part on it, but not entering something out of my existing collection. I would rather enter something new and I have exactly the entry I want in my mind ;)

I don't know how many of you are familliar with Greek Mythology. Its a magical place of myth and wonder and I had the idea of making something out of these myths as a project one day. And then browsing through the internets one day it struck me... the myth of Velerefontis slaying the mythical Chimera, click on the link if you are a greek reader or google it for more if you are not, I couldn't find a decent english text about this myth .. :/

The general concept of the myth is that Velerefontis, a greek hero. bestowed power from the Gods and most importantly, a magical beast, Pegasus which he used to kill a horrible beast, Chimera.

I wanted to use the gorgeous model of The Terror of Fortriu, for a long time now and I think that this is the perfect chance for me to do so. The other thing that I wanted to achieve with this piece is to create detachable bases for the models, so that I can use them for gaming purposes as well. Tough decision but I think that I will pull it through.

The Pegasus model is the one I had been preparing for Karl Franz, but now I think he will have Velerefontis ride him when Karl is sleeping :P I am still searching for the rider to be Velerefontis but I think I have something on my mind...

Here is my progress so far. More to come shortly, as I am struggling to finish this by the end of this month!

Hitting my inspiration decks are classical and mythical tunes!