Wednesday, December 28, 2011

CoolMiniOrNot Annual 2010 just landed...

... and it brings my first printed painted miniature on a publication 

and this model is my Plague Furnace

It was so nice to see that this model got so much attention! I loved all the feedback I gathered and the peak of it all was the invitation to join the CoolMiniOrNot 2010 Annual Publication.

I already ordered my copy! Can't wait to get my hands on it! :)

Christmas happy dance commence!
And as always, some music for the road... (I know I shared this track again, but I can't help it)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

I wish everyone the merriest and happiest Christmas of all! What presents did you get this year?

EDIT: Changed the pic, wasn't Christmas-y enough :P

Monday, December 12, 2011

Death Guard Sternguard Veterans

Its been a long time I know, but I've been busy as hell and I still am as a matter of fact, so updates will be again slow for the next couple of weeks at least.

Anyways, I managed to get some pics of my latest unit that I made for my evergrowing Death Guard army. I finally managed to finish all the construction part for a 1750 pts army and now they are ready to have some paint on them!

The creation of the Sternguard really baffled me, as they should be significally different from the rest of the standard marines in the army, but still maintain my pre heresy theme. The answer on this problem came from a variation of sources. The models are based again on the wonderful Mk2 and Mk3 armors from Forgeworld but this time I also used heads and backpacks from MaxMini as well as some shoulderpads from Chapterhouse. Finally the bolters are again from the chaps at Forgeworld, as well as the lascannon!

To finish off the models, I used (as in with my whole army) Micro Art trench bases, which are really cool and give that extra theme and drama to the model!

So, thats it for now, hope that you like my conversions! Hopefully I will have something painted to show you by the next update :P

And of course, some music...suitable for that sunny Monday!

Take care!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mk1 Death Guard Rhinos

...or double the fun part 2... :P

hello once again and this time I have another WIP update of my almost finished (the construction part) Death Guard Army!

I must say that I have managed to create the feeling of the army that I wanted and I am really happy with that.

This time I have my 2 Rhinos to share, primed and ready to be painted. I tried to make them as similar as possible, using of course a variety of bits with the most important one, the dozer blade taken from a small company (follow the link). I must say that I'm not very satisfied with the quality of the cast, but I love how it feels on the model so I can oversee some miscasts ...

More to come as well as a group shot of the army as I am preparing them for painting! :)

Finally, a great cover to an all time classic song from an all time classic band :) (I hope that this made some sense in a way :P )

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Death Guard Pre-Heresy Terminators WIP

It has been a very busy week for my Death Guard project and I must say that it is coming along nicely! So far I have finished assembling and converting my Land Raider, a Razorback, a Predator the infamous Captain Nathaniel Garro and my latest additions to my evergrowing force is my first Mk2 Crusade and Mk3 Iron Armor Tactical squad (closeups will be uploaded when I'm done painting them) and my pre heresy assault Terminator squad.

These are extended conversions using the old plastic Terminators as a base, chopping off anything not needed, the heads are from Chapterhouse studios, the shoulder pads and the thunder hammers are from Maxmini (I love those guys :P ) and finally the shields are from Paulson's games and the bases from Micro Art (phew ...)

Ready to be primed :)

And here's a group shot of my army so far! Aint they cute?

As always your comments and remarks are always appreciated!

Inspiration for these guys came out of a band I recently discovered, picturing the silent death that Death Guard used to be in the pre heresy days

Friday, November 11, 2011

Yay!! Featured in Games Workshop once again!!

Just a quickie today since I'm busy preparing my Death Guard (stay tuned for updates soon ;) )

I have just realized (Thank you George :) ) that my Imperial Fists Scout Sergeant Telion is featured in Games Workshop's Whats new today blog although they mention me with only my nickname... oh well :P

Commence Happy Dance :D

On a side note, my friend and fellow wargamer George that pointed me to the post, has his own really cool blog featuring all his fantastic paintjobs. Why dont you take a look :)

And I don't know if you have heard... :P

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Captain Nathaniel Garro WIP

Hello once again!

I have been working on some new army lists to play and I have decided to change my gaming style completely. On to the drawing board again and this time I decided to create a sternguard based list with Pedro Kantor.

This list works perfectly with the Death Guard project I'm currently working on so all I had to do is to find a model to represent Pedro Kantor.

I have always been a HUGE fan of Nathaniel Garro. I love its tragic figure and the way it always was an alien part in the Death Guard legion but at the same time a stern and devote soldier to the Emperor and Mortarion. Follow the link to read more about him!

It was a great opportunity to field him as a Kantor "count as", only problem was that I needed him to be WYSIWIG which was a little against the fluff.

In the end I decided to use a magnificent model, part of the masters of the chapter set mostly because of its stern and stoic pose and its MkIV armor and the broadsword that was a part of Garro's fluff.

On the other hand, I needed to show the power fist and the storm bolter that was part of Kantor's arsenal. The fist was already part of the model I chose so that was easy. The storm bolter was created using a plastic storm bolter and an ammo feed belt I had in my bits box (yea, I know, my bitz box is kinda big :P )

Last but definitely not least, the eagle above his head, protecting him from the enemies! This was a conversion that I did using various bits from the Dark Angels upgrade sprue. It serves both the fluff and the Iron Halo rules that Kantor has!

I forgot to take a photo of him before he was primed though, I hope you can get an idea of the various conversion work done.

So there you go, I would really like to hear your comments as always! :)

I got a real laugh with Weird Al's latest album... XD

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Imperial Fists Vulcan Finished

Hello to everyone!

I have just finished painting (at last :P ) my Imperial Fists Vulcan Conversion just in time for tommorow's Tournament! I am happy with the way he turned out, this model was oozing with detail and character and I had a blast painting him!

As always I would be more than happy to hear your comments and remarks and see your votes on CoolMiniOrNot  :)

Finally some inspiration as always in form of great tunes.... 

Oh, and Happy Halloween :P

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Vulcan Imperial Fists Conversion

Hello everyone! Its so good to be back on my table and this time I decided to build something that I'm going to need for an upcoming tournament!

I have been playing with my favorite character, none other than Captain Darnath Lysander of course for quite some time now and I decided I needed a change. A Vulcan army list was the next thing that could suit my style of playing... the difficult part was that Vulcan is part of the Salamanders range, so I had to do something that could fit in my sea of yellow :P

Back when Forgeworld started messing around with Badab wars, they released this glorious model and it actually hit me that I should use it as a base to convert to an Imperial Fists version of Vulcan, mainly due to the bad ass mounted flamer that he has...!

For those of you who haven't yet understood the base of the model, yes its Lugft Hyron of the Astral Claws :P

Main problem I faced with the conversion was how on earth I would do the spear, but then along came MaxMini as always to solve my bits problems. The head is also from the MaxMini range of products and I think it fits nicely. The conversion is finished with some of the great Forgeworld photo etched fists that have proven so useful in the past too!

So off to the painting table, what do you think?

I leave you with a song that really speaks to my soul...

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Double the fun...

Yes I know, its been a long while since I have posted anything completed here... but as I have already said, life is always giving you things to get your hands full and this whole last month hasn't been an exception to that...

BUT I am ready to make it up for you with 2 brand new paintjobs I have just finished for a painting contest organized by the Greek Warhammer Forum and I would really like to get your feedback as they are painted for a contest as I said.

Ork Big Mek with Custom Force Field

This guy is one of my favourite GW sculpts and I really just needed a chance to get my brushes on him. I really had a blast painting him. I would love to see your votes on CMON as well! 

Skaven Warlord Queek Headtaker

Another great mini, although I was kinda connected emotionally to the older version of him, I got him for a bargain and of course I couldn't resist some skaven painting. Maybe this would be the kick for me to get involved with my eternally building Skaven army again, who knows ... In the meantime, leave him a vote as well! ;)

Inspiration for these guys (especially for the ork) came out of these AWESOME band! They're stuck in repeat the past few days... 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

a demoti-post

Hello people!

I have been quite busy lately with work as always but I have found some time to paint and the results will be shown soon enough.

In the meantime I made a small demotivational with a picture I have found and an idea that was in my mind for quite a few time now!

Anohter caption to this could be "I'm sure this is 'shopped" , but that would be too obvious and not that much 40K related :P 

Anyways it gave me a giggle ... :P Hope that you like! 

and of course some music from Machine Head's great latest album to accompany this post

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Death Guard Razorback Mk1

Hello to everybody!

Another post from my growing Death Guard army (well, the armored part at least) and this time I decided to build a Razorback. As with all my Mk1 builds so far, I tried to stick to the original design as much as possible, but this time I made one small deviation from the original plan. For those that remember, the old school razorback featured a space marine gunner instead of the fully automated targeting system that it has now. I kinda prefer the newer version on this aspect and I tried to include it in my build.

So there it is! As always I would be happy to hear your comments remarks and questions! :)

Last but not least, another great band in an even greater cover song! ;)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Death Guard project continues... Mk1 Predator

Hello again!

I have been busy as hell these days with work and unfortunately my posts were kinda scarce but I have managed to finish my 1st Predator for my new Death Guard army. I haven't finalized on an Army List yet but I am thinking of using a lot of these guys...

Anyways, the conversion is mostly based on the good old Predator Destructor kit but again using a wide variety of bits from various sources. I would be happy to answer to any question you may have!

And as always some music to inspire ;)


Friday, September 2, 2011

Cadaver on Google+

Just a quick post today to let you know that I have been really busy with work lately and updates on my Death Guard project will be slow. I have almost finished my first Predator (yes, I'm planning to use a lot :P ) so I will have some updates maybe on weekend!

On a completely different side note, I have been playing with Google+ lately and I must say that I really like how it works. If you have an account there add me for a more personal contact. If you don't and you are interested in creating one, let me know and I can send you an invitation! (its still under closed beta)

I have placed the widget on the sidebar too so you can find it any time!

I'm planning to post many things of my work there as well as here so it would be nice to see you there too!

On the music side of the post, I decided to go a little more mainstream in my playlist lately and this is where I got;

Take care all of you!! :D

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The dawn of a new project... Pre-Heresy Death Guard...and my Mk1 Land Raider

Yes... I know... I am a couple of years late to begin a pre-heresy army. It's been quite a while from the Black Library releases and the fad is fading away... there are even quite a few great Death Guard armies out there so I'm not putting anything innovative or original out...


...I just LOVE Death Guard... I love their fluff from my origins as a wargamer... I have been playing chaos from the early 3rd ed. just to be able to field plague marines... the idea of making a pre-heresy death guard army buzzes through my head since gw released the atrocity that is the latest chaos marines codex... if I can't field my beloved plague marines as chaos anymore, I will as loyalists ... !

It took me some time. It had to be perfect though... and the biggest problem was the armor. I know there are a lot of pre-heresy armies out there but most of them use the current issue of power armor. I wanted to look and feel 30K ... I wanted mk2 armor ... and the gods of Forgeworld heard my pleads...

The final piece of the puzzle was in place! Now, all my archaic looking vehicles could fit with an equally archaic looking armor. And what best way to begin my project, than my beloved Mk1 Land Raider

I know that this model has a love-hate factor to it. I definitely love it. For many years that was the iconic image of 40K vehicles (at least for my eyes) only to be overthrown by its successor... 

I had 2 major problems with this model though. its old age and the numerous layers of paint that has been applied over the 15 years of its existence in my gaming world. Step one was the paint removal. To be honest, I didn't have the best results but it got to a point that could be repainted and I'm satisfied with that. It will feature major weathering anyways so some minor paint remains will blend with that process hopefully... 

Step 2 was the conversion job... as I have said in the past, my conversions use a rather large pool of bits that come from an even larger variety of sources. Many of them are recognizable, others are a little more hard to see.. the pics don't help at all, got them with my cellphone sorry. Better pics when painted although I will post some more converted vehicles before I do that! I would be happy to answer to any questions that you may have concerning the bits. 

So there you have it, the first step on building an army I always wanted to have! I would love to hear your comments and remarks.

Music choice for today, another great desert rock band... 

Till next time...!