Thursday, July 17, 2014

Warzone Resurrection Bauhaus. WIP army display and Decal Sheet

Hello everyone!

Summer time is here and while everyone is splashing their ways through beaches and islands around Greece, I am still trapped working.

I have managed though to find time to start (yet another) project, this time non Warhammer related.

Back in the day, Warhammer was not the only player in the grimdark future sci fi wargaming market. Warzone was the main competitor and it did pretty well, managing almost to outrun Games Workshop... but it eventually failed, following a series of bad business decisions.

I have a big number of old Warzone minis, mainly due to the fact that I found them cheap over my local game store when the company stopped producing the game. I thought them as a cheap alternative for 40K conversions, and sadly most of these models ended up chopped and slashed in unfortunate conversions.

Lots have passed since then and the news that there was a Kickstarter campaign from Prodos Games planning to reboot the game hit me like lightning. I didn't have the chance to try the game back then, maybe this was the perfect chance to do it now. The Kickstarter went really well and Warzone Resurrection was a reality!

Long story short, I started digging my old Bauhaus miniatures, rebasing them and preparing to test the new rules. I even got my hands on the brand new Grizzly and Max Steiner models, all perfect to get me going for a start.

This is my army so far

family pic

My Vulcan Battlesuit conversion, based on the old Target Games model, heavily converted though to match the current rules.
Max Steiner, the brand new model of the Venusian Ranger leader

The almighty Grizzly! Really cool looking model and so easy to assemble

Another view of the Grizzly

And yet another one!

There is a small off scale problem with the Grizzly in my opinion. The doors and the hatches are a tad too small, it still looks awesome though :P 

I decided to make things more interesting in the back by adding some stowage and filling some gaps with greenstuff. Still need some filing to do though...

I made some small adjustments to the rest of the model as well, mainly pinning the turrets to the hull to keep them in place!
The other thing that I decided to do with this project was to create my own Bauhaus decal sheet. The prospect of free-handing all the Bauhaus symbols on the models was a bit nightmarish, After some time on Corel and Photoshop, I ended up with this;

It isn't something special but I it will be ok for now. I added some military style numbers and letters to use in vehicles. You can type this in A4 paper in any kind of decal paper. I followed the instructions from here to make mine! 

You can download the .cdr file to edit it in Corel Draw here and the .pdf file here

I would love to hear your comments on this project, are there any people out there that play the Warzone reboot? What do you think of my decal sheet? I am open to suggestions on making it better! 

Till next time, take care!