Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Rare and OOP models FOR SALE

Hello everyone!

I have decided to pe parted with some of the models of my collection mainly because I want to invest on some new hardware for my workshop (more on that on a later post ;) ) and of course because these are models I am definitely sure I won't be doing anything with them in the future so I guess it is only fair to have someone else be happy to own them.

These are the first two items I am putting out for sale. I have decided to avoid ebay for the time being, and try to find a buyer throught more conventional methods. So here I am posting them here first so as to get the opportunity to buy them if interested without those pesky extra ebay charges.

War Chariot of the Undead Legion - Masterpiece Editions by Grenadier Models

Originally Released in 1985. The box is in near-mint condition with some wear and tear on the edges (as it can be seen from the pictures) mostly due to time. Other than that is a never used item, the miniatures inside are unpainted and unassembled and all pieces are included. The only thing that is missing from the original packaging is the insert which can easily be found (check the links below)

[info on the boxed set]


[Box insert]


[Grenadier Models 1987 Catalogue]


I tried to include as many shots as possible of the whole item, if there are any specific requests I would be happy to comply.

Age of Sigmar-Sylvaneth/Warhammer Fantasy-Wood Elves - Sisters of The Thorn

This is a mint condition, plastic wrapped boxed set of Sylvaneth (or Wood Elves as formerly known) Sisters of the Thorn. The set can build Wild Riders as well. It is brand new, never used before.

The prices include PayPal fees but not shipping costs. I ship worldwide, if you are interested message me and I will give you a quote. The item will be packaged best way possible to ensure it will reach its destination undamaged.

Contact me through the contact button on the menu above or comment below.