Sunday, October 21, 2018

What's that smell? The Nurgle Rotters Rumble in

The Nurgle Rotters

Hello everyone!

Long time no see once again but here I am slowly but surely steadily adding content to this probably long forgotten place on the internet.

It has been a really hot year for Blood Bowl for me, finally managing to finish not only one (see my Orcland Raiders team if you haven't already) but two with the latest addition of the brand new Nurgle Rotters team.

The Team

The Bloaters

The first thing you notice on the team are the Bloaters. The "fatties" as I like to call them, they are surely a sight to behold. The centrepiece of the team are the ones I love the most. The models are full of character and an amazing sense of speed in total contrast with their bulky appearance. Bonus points for the "bug like"armour and the spikey wooden signs. The only thing that bothered me is the fact that I would like to make the models as unique as possible, so I made a small conversion changing hands on 2 models and of course, the necessary head swap made the models as different as possible.

The Pestigors

Next are the Pestigors. Highly debatable models through the community and I am still not sure about their looks. I really saw where the designer went for here but I think they kinda overdid it with the horns and the mutations to a point where they don't resemble a beasman anymore. I went with the stock appearance here, just the appropriate head swap to make the models look different, Still, really fun models to paint and really detailed ones. I will probably have to make a 3rd one at some point as my BB league is in full swing since these fellas are the most valuable ball carriers you have in your team.

The Rotters

Last but not least, the core of the team, the rotters themselves. Again, lovely models, nothing much of a conversion going on here, just some head swaps to make the poses as unique as possible.

The Rotspawn

And let's not forget the extra muscle (or should I say mucus) the almighty rotspawn, or in other words, Garry the snail (pun definitely intended). I used the old Beast of Nurgle for this one, not particularly a great fan of this model but I had it laying around and I couldn't wait for the release of the BloodBowl one. I added some shoulder pads to make him more BloodBowl-y and he is ready to break some defence lines.

Extra Coaching Staff

I couldn't resist of course and add some extra staff for the team, in the form of Cheerleaders. A Nurgling base and some greenstuff work later, resulted in this. The Plaguebearer is a musical addition to the scene.

The Future 

There are a couple of things extra for this team to be finished, The infamous Coach Captain Sven 'Four Eyes' Erikksen and a Plague Doctor but this is material for another future article so stay tuned.

I would love to hear what you think and as always comments are more than welcome!

Till next time, take care! 


  1. Amazing work as always! Also nice to see you again brother!

    1. Many thanks! Glad to be back and glad you liked them :)

  2. I love these guys! I really like the skin work on the fatties. Also, I really love that orange. I think this is some of your best work.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind remarks! I really love how these guys turned out too. It was a great practice on skintones and contrast. Papa Nurgle really inspire me after all :)