Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Darnath Lysander

I always felt that my Imperial Fists Captain hadn't got the love that it deserved! It was the model that started it all since I saw its release back in the days of 4th edition... I still think that its one of the best models this company ever produced and it was enough to motivate me build a whole army based on it. I thought that now that I am playing with my photo-settings it would be the perfect chance to take some new shots of this old paintjob of mine and get some feedback again.

Everything in this model screams determination and righteousness. Hopefully this would make me motivated to finish my Terminators at last... As always your comments are more than welcome as well as your votes 


  1. Damn you Lysander! Damn youuuuuuuuuuuu!!!

  2. WOW! I'm in love! (and I don't like yellow!) Do you do commissions? I'm almost ready to ship my whole army off to Greece... great work as usual!

  3. Great Emperor's beard! That is one smashing Lysander you've got there! I very recently painted one myself and it was quite a tricky one to paint but I am very happy with it. No awesome fists on the hem of the cape like yours though (it looks real nice and fits really well).

    If I had to give some feedback though I'd look into doing something interesting with the hammer. Maybe paint the fist black and give the silver some blue wash or sparks?

    If you'd like to get some color inspiration feel free to head over to to check my version out. Not nearly as nicely painted, but I like to believe I go my own way :)

  4. Damn you Cadaver.Please stop posting beautifully painted models like it.You push me to start an Imperial Fist army too.
    A very good job as always you do this awesome model justice.

  5. @Antipope; :P :P

    @Loquacious; Always happy to hear your comments. They really keep me motivated! I actually do commissions, if you're interested drop me a line.

    @Flekkzo; Your Lysander is great! I actually love what you did to the thunder hammer and I would probably do something similar to mine if I would paint the model again. He surely stands out from other models I have seen.

    @War Tales; Thank you! I would love to see some Imperial Fists painted by you, you have a special skill when it comes to Space Marines!

  6. Said it before and i'll say it again, amazing work, id kill for an ounce of your painting skill

  7. Feedback like yours Dalinair is what keeps me motivated to paint even more! Thank you!

  8. The detail on this one is amazing! Well done.
    I have an observation to make. I see that there are no darker tones on the lower part of the model. Actually, the left leg looks slightly brighter than the torso. I thing it would have make this mini get to perfection a scaled shading on the lower part such as the legs. Further, the base of the boot can be of a different tone of yellow, darker as well.
    I hope you do not mind my comment –as Antipope does occasionally. The fact that I cannot paint like you do, does not mean I cannot be a critic!
    The base is reminiscent of a Greek island on Aegean sea: rocky with low undergrowth. And it is amazing as well...