Thursday, August 25, 2011

The dawn of a new project... Pre-Heresy Death Guard...and my Mk1 Land Raider

Yes... I know... I am a couple of years late to begin a pre-heresy army. It's been quite a while from the Black Library releases and the fad is fading away... there are even quite a few great Death Guard armies out there so I'm not putting anything innovative or original out...


...I just LOVE Death Guard... I love their fluff from my origins as a wargamer... I have been playing chaos from the early 3rd ed. just to be able to field plague marines... the idea of making a pre-heresy death guard army buzzes through my head since gw released the atrocity that is the latest chaos marines codex... if I can't field my beloved plague marines as chaos anymore, I will as loyalists ... !

It took me some time. It had to be perfect though... and the biggest problem was the armor. I know there are a lot of pre-heresy armies out there but most of them use the current issue of power armor. I wanted to look and feel 30K ... I wanted mk2 armor ... and the gods of Forgeworld heard my pleads...

The final piece of the puzzle was in place! Now, all my archaic looking vehicles could fit with an equally archaic looking armor. And what best way to begin my project, than my beloved Mk1 Land Raider

I know that this model has a love-hate factor to it. I definitely love it. For many years that was the iconic image of 40K vehicles (at least for my eyes) only to be overthrown by its successor... 

I had 2 major problems with this model though. its old age and the numerous layers of paint that has been applied over the 15 years of its existence in my gaming world. Step one was the paint removal. To be honest, I didn't have the best results but it got to a point that could be repainted and I'm satisfied with that. It will feature major weathering anyways so some minor paint remains will blend with that process hopefully... 

Step 2 was the conversion job... as I have said in the past, my conversions use a rather large pool of bits that come from an even larger variety of sources. Many of them are recognizable, others are a little more hard to see.. the pics don't help at all, got them with my cellphone sorry. Better pics when painted although I will post some more converted vehicles before I do that! I would be happy to answer to any questions that you may have concerning the bits. 

So there you have it, the first step on building an army I always wanted to have! I would love to hear your comments and remarks.

Music choice for today, another great desert rock band... 

Till next time...!


  1. Mmmm SM stuff eh? Kinda dissapoint, I thought it would be an orky contraption. But the idea of a pre heresy death guard army sounds cool. Not sure if I like their colour scheme (a bit to dull I think) but the conversion oppurtunities for an expert like yourself must be great. So good luck with the project and buying all that expensive stuff from FW!

  2. Hehe, well it seems that the ork masterminds are sleepy at this point, bearing in mind that you too are focusing on your space marine armies ;) Maybe one day I will break the ice with them again!

    This is just an undercoat btw, the color sceme is white-green. I kinda like light colors in SM armies I guess... :P

  3. Looking sweet, loving the side sponsons

  4. Thank you! The sponsons were the toughest part of the conversion. I like how they came out too!

  5. Good Luck Cadaver.Never mind Antipope he is an ork addict.

  6. Hehe thanks George! I'm gonna need all the luck I can get!

  7. I am sure you meant I am a pork addict.