Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Vulcan Imperial Fists Conversion

Hello everyone! Its so good to be back on my table and this time I decided to build something that I'm going to need for an upcoming tournament!

I have been playing with my favorite character, none other than Captain Darnath Lysander of course for quite some time now and I decided I needed a change. A Vulcan army list was the next thing that could suit my style of playing... the difficult part was that Vulcan is part of the Salamanders range, so I had to do something that could fit in my sea of yellow :P

Back when Forgeworld started messing around with Badab wars, they released this glorious model and it actually hit me that I should use it as a base to convert to an Imperial Fists version of Vulcan, mainly due to the bad ass mounted flamer that he has...!

For those of you who haven't yet understood the base of the model, yes its Lugft Hyron of the Astral Claws :P

Main problem I faced with the conversion was how on earth I would do the spear, but then along came MaxMini as always to solve my bits problems. The head is also from the MaxMini range of products and I think it fits nicely. The conversion is finished with some of the great Forgeworld photo etched fists that have proven so useful in the past too!

So off to the painting table, what do you think?

I leave you with a song that really speaks to my soul...


  1. Constructive criticism is always welcome, especially from you!

    The helmet has a love-hate feeling to it i guess, but I find it really cool :P

    -Vulcan is an artificer armored dude, providing him with a 2+ save exactly as a Terminator armor. As for the base, its not illegal to field models in a bigger base than they should be, only the opposite.
    -Vulcan's mantle is indeed an essential part of his fluff and equipment but remember I am building a "count as" model, so it would be rather silly to build a dragon scale mantle for an Imperial Fists I just used the Iron Halo from the original Hyron model

    As I said, I love constructive criticism... but admit that you just don't like him because I chopped off Hyron's claw :P :P (kidding of course)

  2. This is one amazing Vulkan He'stan conversion!

  3. Hehe, thx Markador, hope that he performs well on the battlefield as well ;)

  4. Hehe, well as this is going to be mainly a gaming piece, I want it to be finished for the GC tournament by the end of the month, so I don't have the time for fancy stuff... BUT keep your eyes peeled, as I am preparing new things as always ;)

  5. Awesome Vulcan there. Just wish you could have gotten rid of that lion. Reeks of the 1st legion :) Oh, and it took me a few seconds to realize that he is in Terminator armor. :)

    Looks totally badass, and In Flames is just the right tune for him:)

  6. and oh, we love In Flames!

  7. Ok, where do I find him? Cause his head is the bomb! I need a LOT of those helmets... and that spear sexy.... Phew, is it hot in here?

  8. Oh I will so shamelessly steal your idea Mihali.....again! :D

  9. Hehe, feel free my friend to do so ;)

  10. Thank you Flekkzo! I just love the lion head on the model and I just couldn't remove it! :)

  11. Thank you Loq, the helmet is from Maxmini, just follow the link to their webstore that I posted above ;)

  12. Dimosthenis PapamarkosFebruary 18, 2013 at 1:36 AM

    Ok, it seems that the role of the "bad guy" has been left for me. I have two objections in your conversion (apart from the helmet that, sorry to say, I don't like at all :P)

    1) Vulkan is a power armoured dude. Apart from the obvious, this means also that you need a smaller base.

    2) Vulkan has as an essential part of his equipment a mantle. Your model does not and therefore gameswise is a bit off.

    Sorry mate, you know that I am one of the biggest fans of your work, it's just that this model does not work for me and I had to be sincere. :)

  13. Dimosthenis PapamarkosFebruary 18, 2013 at 1:36 AM

    You got me there. Chopping off the claw was like planting two bolter rounds in both of my hearts (wait, what?!)

    You're right about the helmet (I love this one for example: But I am sure when you paintbrush gets to it, I am going also to become a fan :)

    As for the mantle, I did not mean a scaly dragony one. But I 'd love to see a cape. It's Imperial-Fisty PLUS (and this is a huge PLUS) it would give you some room for freehand. Come on, you know we NEED some of your freehand :)