Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Flesh Tearers Chaplain WIP

Hello once again!

I am currently working on yet another commission, this time its a fully converted Chaplain.

The conversion is courtesy of my client, a great one and so much fun to paint by the way!

Ah, and for those that wonder about the change from the usual Blood Angels, the conversion started as a BA Chaplain, but changed camps somewhere in the middle... :P

Still have some things to finish, probably in a couple of days I will have the final pics! 

One last thing that I will experiment with my blog, starting from this post onwards is adding a music track to accompany my posts. I thought of this as a nice way to share with you people the music that accompanied me during my painting and maybe the tunes that inspired me.

 Züül is an American Heavy Metal band that - believe it or not - released this song last year... talking about a giant leap in time for those familiar with this kind of music. The title also played its part in the degree of inspiration for me as well ;) 


  1. Excellent conversion work and brushwork like always Cadaver.Who's the lucky owner?

  2. Thank you! :) The owner is a friend of mine, you probably don't know him. Huge fluff freak but he got into seriously collecting an army recently and he asked me to paint him some models. The Furioso is also his.

  3. Yeah that's a very nicely painted chaplain.
    Great work on the eyes and red armor.

  4. Thank you Lucky! I feel that there is something missing from the glow in the eyes, most probably I will change it to the final version.