Monday, May 30, 2011

Sevrin Loth Chief Librarian finished!

Greetings to all!

Its nice to finally get to have the chance to spend some time for your hobbies after a large break. I have finally managed to finish this great model from Forgeworld that I had shown you some WIPs some time ago. I am quite satisfied with the result. I have to say that I'm also in love with the model. Its the single most detailed model I have ever worked with (although I am really looking forward on working with this guy as well).

Anyways, enough with the babbling, on to the pics

As always photos are not the best... I must stop painting so many red models as it is a pain to take pictures. Hopefully I will get better results with my Imperial Fists :P

As I am looking again at the model, I can't help myself making the comparison with the new GW's model range, Citadel Finecast . There is a huge gap in quality of the material, no doubt about it but do you think that GW will ever produce such detailed models now that it has the potential?

Last but not least, my music inspiration for this piece would be something different this time (I really don't know how I got inspired by this song for the particular model but inspiration comes from the weirdest places...)

I would love to hear your comments as always! 

Monday, May 16, 2011


Hello everyone!

I have been reading the past few days a new blog that a friend of mine created called INVULNERABLE! He is a really talented Comic artist and a veteran 40K Blood Angels player. His blog covers all our local wargaming events and much more under his hilarious perspective!  I definitely suggest taking a look (especially the latest post :) )

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sevrin Loth Chief Librarian WIP...

... or is he... ?

well, another commission and the customer is always right! This time I got my hands on this magnificent sculpt of the Red Scorpions Chief Librarian from Forgeworld and the request was to paint him as a Flesh Tearers libbie. The paint scheme was also specific!

so many lovely little details on this one, its painting 2 models at once! Hopefully I will get him finished in the Weekend, so stay tuned for the final pics!

In the meantime tell me what you think of my progress so far!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Man @ Work...!

Hi there! I'm posting this in order to bring some life to my blog that has been inactive for quite some time now. I have been busy as hell with work the past month and unfortunately this has yet again held me back on my hobbies...

When the dust is settled I will hopefully finish my PIP Commission Librarian (yes, I'm working on another one :P )

And as it happens with my latest posts, I add an appropriate track to accompany them! ;)

Hopefully I will be back with more painted stuff pretty soon! Back to work for me now... :/