Tuesday, January 22, 2013

HELL(drake)... it was about time!

And yes... my first painted model for such a long time its a reality at last!! I can't believe how much I have missed painting, so much that I finished this monstrosity in less than 2 days...

I present you, my version of the Chaos Helldrake

So much to say about this built but I think that I will just let the pictures do the talking, you can see some unpainted WIPs in my previous post. I must also say how awesome the Arachnaroc spider kit is (this is the base for this conversion for those that haven't figured out yet!).

I painted the majority of the model using airbrush with dark green and fleshy tones... but I also used plenty of weathering pigments on this one as well, you can see the results mainly on the rotors, where the rust has gone overboard!

I really love the way this model turned out! Its time now to focus on my next project, my next addition for my chaos army... maybe something that everybody is talking about these days... Dark Angels :P

I would really love to hear your opinion on this one, so far your feedback on the unpainted model was really great and I appreciate that! Finally your votes on CoolMiniOrNot are as always more than welcome!

And of course... inspiration from the depths of hell!


  1. Thank you mate! I have already made up my mind, I need some Chosen for my Chaos Army and I think that a squad of Fallen led by the infamous Cypher himself would be a good idea ;) It would be nice to see all these DA fanatics turn red in the next tourney! :P

  2. The model itself is a great conversion - but with the painting you did a hell of a job!! Love this :)

  3. Kill it! Kill it with fire!!!! Great work!

  4. we're gonna need a helluva flamer for this one!! Thank you!

  5. Disgustingly beautiful :P

    Eager of seeing this up close! :P

  6. I thought green with envy o.O (pun intended)

  7. Fucking awesome, τώρα το είδα!!!

  8. Yeah... wow. That's hot to death. Seriously the coolest thing I've seen this year.

  9. Oh wow! that turned out great! As for the Dark Angels...My fav 2 options would be
    1) Pick the new models you find coolest and make that into some Fallen in a preheresy clolor scheme maybe?
    2) Instead of a model you think is cool try one of the ones you think is lame and try to make it cool with a nice conversion like you did here :)