Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Adeptus Arbites Suppressor squad WIP

Hello everyone!

Following my previous posts over my Adeptus Arbites project I would like to show you my Suppressor squad. I wanted to create a squad using the lovely heads I got over a long time ago from Maxmini miniatures and the shields I got from Zinge Industries.

For the leader of the squad I used the limited edition event only Forgeworld Imperial Enforcer. A lovely miniautre that I can't wait to get it painted!

For the rest of the conversion, I used Space Marines Scout legs, Cadian torsos and various hands from space marines and Cadians with greenstuff to achieve the pose I wanted. Finally the power mauls are made from Berzerker chainaxes and power axes, with the axe chopped off. I finished the models using resin bases from Models and Minis.

I still want to add some things before I get them to the painting table, but they are more or less finished. I would love to hear what you think. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Minions take over!

Hello everyone!

Taking a break from the more serious posts lately I have decided to finish those little fellas I had just sitting in my workbench. They are some great models I got from the Dice Lady, go check her store, very nice things for wargamers.

I hope you like them :) I would love to hear your comments and see your votes on CoolMiniOrNot

Till next time, take care!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Adeptus Arbites Supressor finished

Hello everyone!

Following my last post I managed to finish my Adeptus Arbites Suppressor. I am really pleased with how it turned out, I think it has the urban feeling I was going for, plus the Maxmini police heads really make the commander stand out!

If you like it please leave me a vote on CoolMiniOrNot  and as always comments and remarks are more than welcome!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Adeptus Arbites Suppressor ~ WIP

Hello everyone!

Back from the dead once again, and back to Warhammer 40K themes because old habits die hard :P

This time I decided to revisit one of my many projects, my Adeptus Arbites.

Some of you may have already seen my Arbites Precinct I have done, the rest of you just follow the link ;) ! It is also nominated to be part of the Coolminiornot Annual 2014 so a big thanks to everybody for voting for me!

Back to todays project, I have decided to make a vehicle to accompany my Arbites squad. I have always loved one of Mike McVey's old conversions for an Arbites' vehicle, some of the older people around here may have remembered this little gem:

So after an extensive rummage through my bitz box and a paper chimera I had made aeons ago as a base, the end result is something like this

As always with my conversions, I have used a truckload of bits from around the globe and from various manufacturers, too many to try to mention them all now. If you have any questions I would be glad to answer them. 

Now its time to bring this baby to the painting booth. As always comments are more than welcome! 

Friday, January 16, 2015

we shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be ~ Bolt Action British roll out!

Hello everyone!

I am really happy because I have just finished my first Bolt Action army and its ready to be fielded. This is the standard British starter kit with a few minor tweakings here and there. Here is what I have so far (I know its not a valid list but I am just mentioning my options here)

Britain and Commonwealth List
1 Captain, 130 pts (Rifle)
   2 Soldier  (Rifle x2)
1 Artillery Forward Observer, 120 pts (Rifle; Artillery Forward Observer)
   2 Soldier  (Rifle x2)
1 Medic, 33 pts (Medic)
   1 Soldier
1 Reinforced Platoon, 302 pts
   1 Second Lieutenant (Rifle)
   9 Regular Infantry Section (Mid-Late War) (LMG x1; SMG x1; Rifle x7; Team)
      1 NCO (SMG)
   9 Regular Infantry Section (Mid-Late War) (LMG x1; SMG x1; Rifle x7; Team)
      1 NCO (SMG)
9 Regular Infantry Section (Mid-Late War), 126 pts (LMG x1; SMG x1; Rifle x7; Team)
   1 NCO (SMG)
2 Flamethrower Team, 50 pts (Flamethrower; Flamethrower; Team)
2 Light Mortar Team, 35 pts (Light Mortar; HE (D3); Indirect Fire; Team)
4 Medium Mortar Team, 60 pts (Spotter; Medium Mortar; Fixed; HE (D6); Indirect Fire; Team)
3 MG Team, 50 pts (MMG; Fixed; Team)
2 PIAT Team, 40 pts (PIAT; Shaped Charge; Team)
1 Cruiser Tank MkVIII Cromwell, 205 pts (Coax MMG; MMG)
Validation Report:
1a. Theatre Books: None; 1. Army Lists: Armies of ...; 2. Force Selection: Force Selection Rules; 4a. Europe (Early) and Generic: Reinforced Platoon Selector; 4. National Characteristics: None

Composition Report:
Reinforced Platoon: 1 (1 - 0)
Headquarters: 3 (0 - 0)
Infantry: 1 (0 - 3)
Artillery: 0 (0 - 1)
Armour: 1 (0 - 1)
Armoured Car: 0 (0 - 1)
Transport-Tow: 0 (0 - 0)
Total List Cost: 1151

so here are the pics of my army. I know they are not the best quality but I need to find out a way to take full army pictures successfully :P

Pretty much tabletop standard here, nothing fancy. I have finished them in large batches of speedpainting sessions and I can say that I am quite happy with the result. The pictures are a bit crappy but you can get an idea on how they look on the table. I need to find a way on taking good army pictures (or pictures in general for that matter) but anyway.

I would love to hear what you think and as always comments and remarks are more than welcome! You can find them on CoolMiniOrNot as well!

Last but not least I would like to say how thrilled I am for another year in a row that my work is included in CoolMiniOrNot Annual 2013. More specifically, my  Chaos Helldrake of Nurgle and my Death Guard Tactical squad Faestus are there! I have just ordered my copy and I can't wait to get my hands on it! It also seems to be really hefty this year, much bigger than the previous ones!

I have also got my invitation for the CoolMiniOrNot Annual 2014 for my Adeptus Arbites 969th PrecinctDeath Guard Grave Warden TerminatorsImperial Knight and Be'lakor The Dark Master. This must be the biggest contribution I ever had on this publication and I am really proud. It was a creative year after all!

Till next time, take care everyone!!


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