Monday, April 14, 2014

Be'lakor The Dark Master

Hello everyone

I have been working on this model for quite a long now and only recently I have decided to finish it at last. Ever since the release of Be'lakor's dataslate I wanted to play with him, but unfortunately I didn't have the model, so I have decided to make one converting a wonderful model I had from Andrea Miniatures, Astaroth the Annihilator. 

The model is heavily coverted especially in the head so that to resemble the horned figure of Be'lakor. Lots of other minor conversions have been done to the whole model with sculls and chains and of course a huge chaos symbol on his chest

Here are some WIP shots before painting!

One thing that bugs me is the sword, which is insanely thin, it can bend so easily that I am really afraid that it will eventually snap, especially if I decide to use it for gaming purposes. Oh well, you may eventually see a different version of him featuring a different sword

I have also submitted this model to Golden Vinci 2014 Online Competition, follow the link to check it out

Thank you for your views and as always your votes and comments are more than welcome! Check him also on CoolMiniOrNot!

Hitting my speakers hard are Greek rock and rollers Planet Of Zeus, check them out!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Blood Angels Centurions

Hello everyone!

I would like to share with you some commission work I have just finished. The customer asked for some Blood Angels Centurions with snow bases inspired from my Imperial Fists Centurions I did a little while ago, and this is what I came up with :)

Nothing fancy here, just a cleaner paintjob than I usually do. I feel that red is a color that cannot be punished so much with weathering and it is shown better that way.

This is the 2nd Centurion squad I am painting and I can safely now say that I really like the models no matter what everybody says. On top of that I think red suits them really well, although I'm not sure how the customer plans on using them with his Blood Angels army, probably allies.

Thats it from me for now, I would love to hear your comments and see your votes on CoolMiniOrNot:

Till next time take care!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Adeptus Arbites Precinct sees some live action

Hello everyone! I played a little 1850 pts game with my friends on Sunday, My Imperial Fists versus his Grey Knights plus a little help from his Imperial Knight! (So it was a Knight-Knights alliance :P ). It was the perfect timing to try my brand new terrain piece as well, My Adeptus Arbites Precinct.

Here are some shots I took from that night, showing some big guys action! Hope you like them!

Highlights from the game were definitely what the Imperial Knight did, my Fists managing to blow 5 Hull points off of him with 2 precision shots, but in the meantime he reduced the Land Raider to a melting blob and charger Lysander. The poor Captain, all that he managed to do was to take the last Hull Point with him before he died into a catastrophic explosion. Pretty cinematic if you ask me! I really enjoyed the game and definitely will add a Knight in my Ranks soon! ;)

On a further notice, I have been asked to take some shots with an Arbites model next to the terrain to show its scale better. Here are some shots I took.

Till next time take care! 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Adeptus Arbites 989th Precinct finished

Hello everyone!

I have finally managed to finish my big project I am working on the past few days. I must say I am quite happy with the result and I would love to hear what you think!

I have already talked about the bits and pieces used for this piece on my last post where you can also find some WIPs before paint

As always clickie for biggie! pics heavy but this is a bigger project than usual so thank you for your patience :)

If you like it, please leave a vote over at CoolMiniOrNot :)

Till next time, take care!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Adeptus Arbites 969th Precinct

Hello everyone!

I have been trying to control myself and gather my drooling over the new Imperial Knight Titan (I will succumb to the voices eventually) mostly because I have started a new project and I am really excited about its progress, especially now with all those rumors about the Astra Militarum and the Militarum Tempestus.

So what I am about to show you today is something a little different than the things you usually see in the blogosphere nowadays.

I have always had a crush on Adeptus Arbites. Maybe because I am a huge Dredd fan as well. I am the proud owner of a full classic Arbites squad (more on these bad boys on later post) and I would like something to call themselves home. On the other hand I have been toying with the idea to make some new terrain pieces and the result came pretty much on itself.

The bunkers, the gate and the wall section is all from Quantum Gothic, a very cool company making some awesome terrain. Sadly they seem to be out of business since their store is out of order quite a long time now. The main building is from a Syberclicks set

I stuck all the pieces to an MDF board, using various other pieces of card, bits and pieces from various other kits. So now its ready to throw some paint on it! Can't wait to get it finished!

I would love to hear what you guys think so far!

on a sidenote, take a look at my ebay auctions in case you haven't noticed, raising some money to get that shiny new Knight Titan! :)

Till next time, take care everybody!
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