Thursday, January 28, 2016

Expanding the 3D Universe

Hello everyone!

I would like to share with you my latest achievements using my 3D printer. I have been mostly toying with World War 2 themes, and following my latest post with the British HalfTrack I wanted to show you what I have managed to pull...

I will soon post a painted update on the Bishop SPG I incuded in the gallery above so keep an eye on this space for the end result! 

I am also working on my YouTube Channel with the unboxing of my 3D printer and some 360 degrees model showcases!

I would love to hear what you people think

Till next time, take care!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

M5 British Halftrack 3D printed

Hello everyone!

Following my last post on my 3D printer I am happy to give you an update on my progress so far with this wonderful machine.

After many test prints I have managed to build my first fully 3D printed model. The M5 British Halftrack.

The main problem with 3D prints are the printing lines that are clearly visible, especially on the flat surfaces. I have tried removing them with putty and sanding them but they have been preserved. The 3D model was quite plain as well, not many details to be seen so I have decided to add some stowage for extra detailing. You can see some WIP pics below:

I am currently working on more 3D printed WW2 models so expect more in the near future, as well as uploading some videos on my brand new YouTube channel, so keep an eye on this space for more! 

I would love to hear what you think and as always check my CoolMiniOrNot entry for your votes and comments.

Till next time, take care!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

So it begins...

.. the journey to 3D world!

2016 started for me with a loud bang, and the reason is this bad boy over here...

This is the brand new bq Hephestos 2 3D printer . I have been toying with buying a 3D printer for quite a long time now but I wasn't sure I could find the proper model to get me started. After a long long research, I ended up to this bad boy over here which I believe is the perfect entry level model one can buy for under 1000 € . More on my opinion though after I get to work with it!

As part of my entrance to the 3D printing world, I intend to start toying with the idea of creating my own YouTube Channel, starting off with some unpacking and assembly videos of my latest toy and of course, presentations and showcases of painted models and scenery from my evergrowing projects. Let me know what you think in the comments.

To give you an idea of the functionality of this machine, take a look at this video

Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting things in the future!
Till next time, take care!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Skaven Exalted Vermin Lord finished

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!!

I am more than happy to post this update at last. I managed to get out of my modelling stalemate and finally managed to finish something which I have been stirring in my workbench for the past months, the wonderful model of the Skaven Exalted Vermin Lord from Forgeworld.

It is a brilliant model, full of details and character and great pose. I enjoyed every second working with it and I am more than happy with the end result.

I would love to hear what you guys think! As always comments and remarks are more than welcome! Don't forget to leave me a vote on CoolMiniOrNot as always! 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Reinventing the (doom) wheel

Hello everyone!

I have been extremely busy lately with work but I have also been able to check Age of sigmar with a couple of games and I must say that I totally love it. I know, I might sound heretical but the mere fact that it made me dig up my Skaven army is something that cannot be treated lightly. As far as I can tell, people either love or hate it. I am thinking of it as a perfect opportunity to play some Warhammer fantasy once again.

As a part of this army reconstruction, I have decided to build the Forgeworld Vermin Lord that I had laying for quite a long time. It is a lovely model, full of character and detail. Here are some after construction pictures.

I have decided to build its lovely base up and build a cobbled floor with dwarven remains (dwarf players don't hate me please :P ) with wyrdstone chunks protruding just to spice things up. 

off to the painting booth then, pics of the finished model soon to come! Keep your eyes peeled for more vermin fun! 

Till next time, take care!


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