Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sevrin Loth Chief Librarian WIP...

... or is he... ?

well, another commission and the customer is always right! This time I got my hands on this magnificent sculpt of the Red Scorpions Chief Librarian from Forgeworld and the request was to paint him as a Flesh Tearers libbie. The paint scheme was also specific!

so many lovely little details on this one, its painting 2 models at once! Hopefully I will get him finished in the Weekend, so stay tuned for the final pics!

In the meantime tell me what you think of my progress so far!


  1. It looks really good...I especially like your metallics, really good job mate!

    Looking forward to the next update!

  2. Thank you Elhion! :) Working on him as we speak. Updates soon!

  3. Amazing work! the base is something i never seen before! blood!?!!! hahaha!

  4. Haha could be...! Maybe I should leave it as it is all red and bloody :P

    Thank you Panos!