Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Not the update that I expected for my 100th post...

...but it will have to do since it has been ages since my last update and I am in a desperate need of a new one!

so yay!! I reached post 100!!

It has been a very busy past month. Work is sucking all my free time and energy like a leech and on top of that I have a move that is currently going on so I have to pack stuff and change some things... for better though! When I am finished, I will have my own personal man cave the way I always dreamed of. I would love to see how you people have organised your personal painting spaces! I have seen several good examples around the net but it would be nice to hear from you personally!

On a modelling perspective, I am totally thrilled with 2 things lately! The Horus Heresy release from Forgeworld and the Chaos release from GW! You are already familiar with my Death Guard project (if not, make a small search in this blog ;) ) and now I will have more Death Guard goodies to play with, not to mention my own primarch at last!! :D

Here's a shot of my Death Guard project so far, have these laying around my workbench for such a long time but I don't have the time nor the space to finish them... :(

On the Chaos side of things, I am gathering resources for my post-heresy Death Guard army, my next big project! Keep your eyes peeled for more info... I have a ton of ideas, not sure how many will see the light of day :P

I have been listening to a lot of music lately, not for inspiration but for keeping me awake :P

Take care till next time! :)


  1. Gratz for the 100 post mate! Keep them traitors coming!

  2. Thank you! :) I will keep them coming for sure! ;)

  3. That new FW book is amazing and it looks like they are using their old resin for the primarchs and not the finecast variety. Just got both yesterday and spent about 3 hrs just looking over the Angron sculpt alone! So much detail it's intimindating or maybe it's just that he's so angry;)

  4. I will definitely buy the new FW book, I am waiting for the Death Guard releases so that I can order them all together! The Angron model is astonishingly good but it is a bit overpriced in my opinion... dunno how big it is tho, is it bigger than a Dread?

    So glad they are sticking to their old resin!