Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Empire project rolling on... Karl Franz

Hello everyone!

following my previous post, I decided to post a small update on my next installment on my Empire project.

Karl Franz I, Protector of the Empire, Defier of the Dark, Emperor Himself and the Son of Emperors, Elector Count of Reikland and Prince of Altdorf

I am kinda deranged with this project, as I am planning on making all the mounts available for him, starting with Dreadclaw of course and a Pegasus. More updates soon! ;)

Yeah! Some more Clutch... Can't wait till Sunday to catch them live!! 


  1. I really like the you tock, in my eyes, the best Griffon GW has produced so far. i neither liked the old Deathclaw nor the new Griffon. wish you good luck on the future progress.

  2. Thank you for your comment! Truth is that this isn't GW's Griffon, it is Gamezone's. It totally looks like the old metal one GW produced though. I hope you will be able to see it more clearly when I upload the final pictures soon!

  3. from this perspective i really did´t notice that^^
    But its grate that a well designed Griffon is available for purchase.
    Looking forward for the progress.

  4. I know, its a weird angle... I have almost finished him by now so keep an eye for the update!