Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Adeptus Arbites Precinct sees some live action

Hello everyone! I played a little 1850 pts game with my friends on Sunday, My Imperial Fists versus his Grey Knights plus a little help from his Imperial Knight! (So it was a Knight-Knights alliance :P ). It was the perfect timing to try my brand new terrain piece as well, My Adeptus Arbites Precinct.

Here are some shots I took from that night, showing some big guys action! Hope you like them!

Highlights from the game were definitely what the Imperial Knight did, my Fists managing to blow 5 Hull points off of him with 2 precision shots, but in the meantime he reduced the Land Raider to a melting blob and charger Lysander. The poor Captain, all that he managed to do was to take the last Hull Point with him before he died into a catastrophic explosion. Pretty cinematic if you ask me! I really enjoyed the game and definitely will add a Knight in my Ranks soon! ;)

On a further notice, I have been asked to take some shots with an Arbites model next to the terrain to show its scale better. Here are some shots I took.

Till next time take care! 


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