Thursday, August 7, 2014

applying the Bauhaus Transfers plus... BloodBowl!

Hello everyone!

Continuing my summer vacation, I am putting into work all my projects that have been left behind.

I have got a nice feedback on my Bauhaus Transfer sheet that I posted on my previous post, and I have decided to give you an update on how nice it works on my latest Warzone project, The Grizzly

You can also catch a glimpse on the paintjob. More coming soon! ;)

Another thing I am really excited about lately is BloodBowl. I have played quite a few friendly games with a friend, enough to make me dig out my old Human Team and give them a new facelift. Some of the models had old paintjobs, others were just primed, the Ogre model is Buzzcut from Mantic's Dreadball with a minor alteration of new shoulderpads and of course a new base. I am so in love with this model, I love how dynamic the pose is. I think I am going to keep his name too! :P

clickie for biggie

The photo is kinda crappy, its a real pain to photograph many models at once. I will try to have better pics soon, as I am also finishing my Chaos team!

I painted the team in the colors of the famous Reikland Reavers, I think it worked pretty well.

As always comments and remarks are more than welcome.

I'm leaving you with some tunes that are stuck in my playlist ever since this album was released! Till next time, take care!!


  1. Love how the Transfers worked out. Have to get me some paper and use them too, big thanks for sharing :)

  2. Glad that you like them as much as I do! I would love to see how these work on your models!

    1. These are awesome! Where do you get the transfer paper to print them on?

    2. Thank you! I have bought it quite a long time from ebay but a quick search on the net will give you a good wealth of results.

      I have found this article really helpful