Sunday, January 14, 2018

Paint removal tutorial

Hello everyone!

Back again with an article bringing you a tutorial on a process that most of you modelers have definitely stumbled upon.

As you may probably have seen in my previous article, I am back on the modeling train and this time I am getting excited on the brand new Necromunda release.

That being said, being an old school gamer I love my old school minis more than anything so I figured out that this is a marvelous idea to bring them out of their boxes and make them 2018 compatible.

My Delaque Warband is one of the old school models I was looking forward in using with the new set up but they were terrible looking painted aeons ago not even by myself. You can get an idea on the pic below.

It is not the worst paintjob in the world but it definitely deserves better.

That's why I decided to give these models my paint stripping treatment that I always use with great results. This technique works great with metal models as well as plastic ones. It even eats away glue. This technique works only with acrylic water based colors, which most people are using to paint their models with. Not sure if it can work with other types of colors, like oils or enamels. 

The Tutorial

I have decided to create a small tutorial video on my YouTube channel to show the process step by step. Feel free to check it out and of course subscribe to my channel if you want to be updated on other videos like that 

The end result can be seen on the pictures below. You can also see some work in progress on my Delaque Warband, more on this on a future article.

I would love to hear what you think on this technique, has it worked for you? Do you have any suggestions or tweaks on how it would work better?

Till next time, take care!


  1. Simple green and and an ultra sonic cleaner. Takes about 5 mins and almost no scrubbing. Also its safe for plastic and resin minis! Everyone has their ways :)

    1. I have heard about Simple Green but unfortunately we don't have it here in Greece :(