Sunday, July 4, 2010

Wingblades project finished!

Hi there! I was busy finishing one of my commission projects, the Wingblades. The customer wanted to create a renegade chaos SM army BUT with no chaos symbols whatsoever and Dark Angels iconography. This is one of the final pieces of the army, the converted Lord from Grey Knight Captain Stern and various bits from the DA sprue.


The pic is a little rubbish but my camera is off limits at the moment so my cell phone camera has to do... to give you an idea at least...

If you are interested in other pieces of this army, check out my photobucket album

More to come as my Imperial Fists army is getting in shape, stay tuned ;)


  1. Nice work there Mihalis! Beware though, the Inquisition is going to hunt you for converting Stern's mini to a Chaos Marine...

  2. Hehe, I'm aware of that! That's why I'm building a nice yellow full Index Astartes army to redeem myself :P