Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fast Attack!

Hello everyone!

I really hope that you are having a great 2011 so far! I am hurdling myself to finish my Imperial Fists for a tourney that will take place next week and this is my latest creation. The Land Speeder Storm is something I popped in my list really at the last minute and so far it has served me well denying objectives mostly... its a good value for points plus I really like the model which is an added bonus for my Army List making!

I really like the feeling of this model, it kinda screams Fast Attack more than anything in the Space Marines army. I also tried a little OSL effect on the turbines on the rear, unfortunately the picture doesn't help to see it properly. 

Anywayz, I would be really happy to hear your comments and see your votes on CoolMiniOrNot as always!


  1. Τhis model looks great.Especialy in its all yellow glory.Good job Cadaver.Keep up the Fist job.

  2. Haha this Fist job sure sounds funny! :P Thank you my friend! Hopefully my Fists will meet your wonderfully painted Salamanders on the battlefield one day!

  3. The Land Speeder Storm is one of my favorite models as well, it's great to see such a well painted example as this. Good luck getting everything ready in time for the tournament, do you have much still to paint? Best wishes!

  4. Thank you Papa JJ, fortunately I don't have many things to finish... A tactical and a Terminator squad so hopefully I will finish on time!

  5. I really love this model- the danger stripe in front of the back hatch, the saw, the dirty/grubby look- love it all. You're a genius!

  6. It's a very good paintjob. The weathering is very nice but still the colours look very vivid. Which tournament are you talking about Mihalis?

  7. @Loquacious; Thank you so much for your kind words. So glad that you liked it! :)

    @Antipope; Thank you! Still haven't figured out the appropriate settings for shooting the colours correctly but I think I'm getting there... About the tourney, its this challenge thing that Panos from Kallithea was talking about, I'm gonna play with the Failed Chargers on 22nd vs the Imperial Seals. Are you taking part too?

  8. I think I am :P You need a fully painted army for this?

    Is it my idea or are the pictures a bit grainy?

  9. No you don't need a fully painted army but it's a nice opportunity to finally paint mine! Its the sponge-battle damage that makes it seem a little grainy, as I said, I think I'm getting better on photos but I'm not yet there :S

  10. Nice looking Storm you have there! Definitely one of my favs from the Marine range.



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