Monday, August 22, 2011

New project on the line...

Hello once again!!

Holidays are over for me! I had a blast this year for sure and now I'm full of a bucketload of new ideas and energy to fulfill my older ones.

One such idea buzzes through my mind for quite some time now. I have been tired to play with the same army for the past year or so, and I decided to build a new one, an army that I always wanted to play but I only recently got the resources to put it together!

It is a major project that involves a lot of conversion work. I have just finished the first vehicle of my army but I don't think that I'm going to show you just yet :P

So get a first glimpse of it, the older ones that read this might recognize it ;)

So, here you go... I'm waiting for your ideas on what this could be and soon it will be revealed :)

...and with the greek temperatures hooked to 35 degrees and rising, there is nothing better than some greek desert rock to get things going in the desert ;)


  1. I know what it is, but won't spoil the fun.


  2. hehe, there is no school like old school ;)

  3. I know as well and I might spoil the fun, if we don't get an update soon!

  4. hehe, so good to have veteran hobbyists as followers :)

  5. Everybodys knows but me? Really not sure, some short of flying contraption?

  6. Don't worry, the wait is almost over... ;)