Friday, September 2, 2011

Cadaver on Google+

Just a quick post today to let you know that I have been really busy with work lately and updates on my Death Guard project will be slow. I have almost finished my first Predator (yes, I'm planning to use a lot :P ) so I will have some updates maybe on weekend!

On a completely different side note, I have been playing with Google+ lately and I must say that I really like how it works. If you have an account there add me for a more personal contact. If you don't and you are interested in creating one, let me know and I can send you an invitation! (its still under closed beta)

I have placed the widget on the sidebar too so you can find it any time!

I'm planning to post many things of my work there as well as here so it would be nice to see you there too!

On the music side of the post, I decided to go a little more mainstream in my playlist lately and this is where I got;

Take care all of you!! :D


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