Sunday, October 9, 2011

Double the fun...

Yes I know, its been a long while since I have posted anything completed here... but as I have already said, life is always giving you things to get your hands full and this whole last month hasn't been an exception to that...

BUT I am ready to make it up for you with 2 brand new paintjobs I have just finished for a painting contest organized by the Greek Warhammer Forum and I would really like to get your feedback as they are painted for a contest as I said.

Ork Big Mek with Custom Force Field

This guy is one of my favourite GW sculpts and I really just needed a chance to get my brushes on him. I really had a blast painting him. I would love to see your votes on CMON as well! 

Skaven Warlord Queek Headtaker

Another great mini, although I was kinda connected emotionally to the older version of him, I got him for a bargain and of course I couldn't resist some skaven painting. Maybe this would be the kick for me to get involved with my eternally building Skaven army again, who knows ... In the meantime, leave him a vote as well! ;)

Inspiration for these guys (especially for the ork) came out of these AWESOME band! They're stuck in repeat the past few days... 


  1. Both of them look awesome. If I were to choose one of them to enter a competition though I would go for the mek boy. He clearly stands out more while queek looks more like he would blend in. Something typically Skaven ofcourse:)

    Painting Queek's armor in some color that pops more would make him stand out more, but it would also make him look distinctively less like a Skaven on the other hand. I'm trying to come up with a final color scheme for him myself, which is why I have been pondering this:)

    The Mekboy with his big kustom forcefield on the other hand works really great as a single model. He looks determined rather than all out Waaagh! and your paintjob is superb. Only one question, why did you paint the eyes like that? Looks great but it makes me think that he's a Weirdboy rather than a Mekboy. Like he is looking into the warp.

  2. I love the Skaven... he's very ratty =)

  3. Such a nice miniature. It really has a ton of character!

  4. Beautiful paint-job on booth miniatures.

  5. Beautiful Paint-job on booth miniature.

  6. Thank you so much for your comment!

  7. Thank you for your comment!

    Well truth is that I spent less time painting Queek, mainly because I wouldn't make it to the deadline. As for the color sceme, I just followed 'Eavy Metal and stuck with the red. It was a nice excuse for me to paint red after a long time anyways :P

    I will enter them both as the comp. is for Fantasy as well as 40K

    As for the eyes, well aren't all orks have a unique relation with the warp after all? Maybe its because of all those electric wires around him!