Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Nurgle Rhino, who said paper tanks can't be sexy?!

Heya all! 

As far as you can see I am getting my hands very dirty the past 2 weeks getting prepared for the tournament this Sunday! I had some changes in my Chaos Army list, so I had to build myself a Rhino for my Nurgle Chaos Marines (thats right, I didn't say Plague Marines as these are just Chaos marines with Mark of Nurgle, they are cheaper and still tough as nails... hope they serve me right!)

So following my latest post about pimping my old paper Rhino I stayed up late tonight to finish painting the little fella. Yeah, thats right, this is a paper model made from scratch using some online templates I have long lost (although I'm sure that a google search would bring up quite a few results) and a raid over my bitz box! I think I'm gonna try making a Vindicator as well! :P

I used the same recipe as in my Helldrake  for painting it as I was really happy with the results and I must say that I am happy with this one as well!

So there you go! Hope you like it as much as I do! Any comments are more than welcome! Don't forget to pop me a vote on CoolMiniOrNot as always!

Take care and listen to great music!!


  1. Looking good man! I can hardly believe this is paper...

  2. Thank you! I tried to make it as unnoticeable as possible!

  3. is that realy made from paper ????

  4. It really is Chris. I wish I had some earlier WIP pics on this model but I have built it so long ago and I already had it painted when I made this conversion. Check my previous post for some "before" pics

  5. Lol paper tank - is that like a glass hammer? Looks amazing. Great job.!

  6. Hi,

    i like your Blog!

    Anf i like your works!

    I follow you.

    If you like to follow me too, i’ll be happy!


    See you soon! ^^

  7. Thank you Violet! I love your work too and I have just followed your blog as well! Keep up the good work! :)