Thursday, January 10, 2013

New year resolutions

Happy New Year!!... although a little late, I am working hard to make my new year resolutions come true any way I can. So many things going on in my life lately and one of the biggest changes has to do with my beloved hobby itself!

So I recently managed to move to live on my own. That means a lot more personal space for myself and my models :) . That explains my lack of time to get anything finished all this time as I was (and still am) swamped in work and getting things done. But I have managed to get some things into order and I am finally about to make one of my greatest dreams come true, my own personal man-cave! Here is a picture of it so far...

I also haven't shown you the other part of the room, as its still messy as hell :P I recon there should be a couple more days of tiding up and organising stuff untill I am ready to paint or build anything yet... although I know what my first project will be stay tuned! ;)

As it is a trend these days of the year I decided to share again some of the models of 2012 I am mostly happy with ...

Number one on my 2012 list has to be my beloved Caestus Assault Ram. It is my highest rated CoolMiniOrNot model so far, with a mark of  and a feature at the top miniatures of the week, it has been one of the most fun projects last year, and one that really taught me a ton of new stuff, especially about airbrushing! 

Number two on that list is definitely my Death Guard Land Raider Barbarus, part of my Pre-Heresy Death guard project, it has been a pleasure to convert and paint, setting the benchmark for the next vehicles to follow! 

Here's a small peek...

So that's all from me till now. I know, no new models yet but hopefully I will be able to pull sthg out really soon so keep your eyes peeled ;)

Take care with some late night tunes! Oh and I would love to hear your own New Years resolutions! :)


  1. I'm gonna try to paint more things outside my normal range of 40k. I find it helps me stretch my skills and makes me try new things that I can then bring back to my 40k minis to make them better. Congrats on the new found freedom (double edged sword that it is)!

  2. I love painting non-40K stuff every now and then. It really helps you keep your mind broad to new ideas and as you said you can experiment with new things that you wouldn't normally do with your regular 40K minis.

    I know how double edged that freedom sword may be but so far I have managed not to cut myself :P