Friday, December 13, 2013

The red in the sky is ours

I borrowed the title of this At the Gates classic album (well, at least for those involved in this kind of music) to entitle this post as it bustles in flak fire! 

Not very fond of the anti-air options the latest Space Marine codex brings, I can certainly see some Tau players out there with a faceload of smug when discussing about anti-air options.

Truth is that I recently built a brand new list for my Imperial Fists, based on Lysander of course but trying to fit in as many new toys as I could, including the love them or hate them Centurions.

Having with no more than 70 pts left, the Hunter was an obvious choice to have something in my army to defend against enemy air support. After quite a few games with it I can say that it is a decent choice but nothing ground breaking and definitely you need more than one to have any chance of bringing anything down.

One thing I love about this kit though is that the sprue allows you to build both the options for the Hunter and the Stalker with no conversion work whatsoever (you only need to skip placing a small antenna...) something which surprised me positively as I definitely didn't expect such a kit from Games Workshop. Having this in mind, I decided to build both options at the same time. Here are the results.

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and of course the main inspiration for the title... till next time, take care!


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