Monday, April 14, 2014

Be'lakor The Dark Master

Hello everyone

I have been working on this model for quite a long now and only recently I have decided to finish it at last. Ever since the release of Be'lakor's dataslate I wanted to play with him, but unfortunately I didn't have the model, so I have decided to make one converting a wonderful model I had from Andrea Miniatures, Astaroth the Annihilator. 

The model is heavily coverted especially in the head so that to resemble the horned figure of Be'lakor. Lots of other minor conversions have been done to the whole model with sculls and chains and of course a huge chaos symbol on his chest

Here are some WIP shots before painting!

One thing that bugs me is the sword, which is insanely thin, it can bend so easily that I am really afraid that it will eventually snap, especially if I decide to use it for gaming purposes. Oh well, you may eventually see a different version of him featuring a different sword

I have also submitted this model to Golden Vinci 2014 Online Competition, follow the link to check it out

Thank you for your views and as always your votes and comments are more than welcome! Check him also on CoolMiniOrNot!

Hitting my speakers hard are Greek rock and rollers Planet Of Zeus, check them out!


  1. I adore the blue shading and highlights on the blade. Model is very well done and should look amazing on the table!

  2. I am so glad you like it. It really looks cool on the table, I just wish the blade wasn't so fragile...