Monday, September 20, 2010

Astorath the Grim

Hello everyone!!

I have been telling you about my work on Astorath the Grim the past couple of weeks. Well I have managed to pull out some time and finish him (this really sounded like Mortal Kombat ... :P) So here he is...

I really like the way the scenic base from Micro Arts blended with the dynamic pose of the model harmonically. I am happy with the final result, really nice model and very detailed. So I would be happy to hear your thoughts and opinions on him.

I am continuing my work on the rest of the Blood Angels project, more updates soon !

One final thing, FTW blog roll (link to the sidebar...) have started a collaborate post on photographing minatures based on the combined experience of all the bloggers out there. I will be posting my way soon, although its far from being perfect, I think it quite works some times (not really happy with the photo of Astorath though... :(  )

Anyways, take care everyone!! 

EDIT  I have forgotten to give you the link to the CoolMiniOrNot voting page as with any new model I finish, here it is in case you would like to leave me a vote or a comment! :)


  1. I like it. The model fits nicely on the base and the paintjob is overally good.
    The pictures are too small and dark though so I can't see if you have done any elaborate work on the painting.

  2. Yeah, the pics are not the best, I know... :( thank you for the comment!

  3. beautifully done! I clicked on the 'enlarge picture' and to my surprise it was smaller! LOL

    The fine work, from what I can see from the pauldron's and axe, is simply terrific.

  4. Thank you so much! The image that opens it is indeed smaller but if you click on it again it will become its original size (at least thats how it works with Chrome and IE) You can also check it out in CoolMiniOrNot here :

  5. Good work - came across your blog and i love the paint job here

    Iv been inspired to do some blogging...

    - to show my hobby and love for the Blood Angels

    Thought you might like to take a look. I put you on my blogroll - im just out here to see what others are upto and to get a little inspiration and improve my knowlege and skill base regarding paintings.

    Have fun and happy painting

  6. I am so happy that I am inspiring others not only to paint their armies but to keep a blog for it as well! I have seen your blog and I must say that even though it doesn't have so many painted stuff yet, it surely looks promising and I will be following it closely. I am planning to add a Blogroll too so be sure that you will be in the list once updated! Thanks again and keep an eye for future updates for more Blood Angels stuff!

  7. Great work on Astorath, he looks fantastic! I think the scenic base really does go well with this miniature and it looks almost like they were meant to be used together. The crackling energy effect on the axe also looks amazing... yes indeed, another awesome miniature! Thank you for sharing him with us.

    Also I look forward to seeing the suggestions you have for photographing miniatures. I'm becoming more interested in taking better pictures of my own work so have been curious lately about the methods people like to use. It's great that so many creative and helpful people are attracted to this hobby.

  8. As always PapaJJ its great hearing from you and all the support you give me! I'm glad that you like him.

    Photography is not my field at all and I must say that I don't have the skills, though I try to do my best since I have to take pics of my minis one way or another. I will post my way of photographing so as to get any tip on improving from skilled photographers out there.

    Hopefully tonight or tommorow I will have the post ready!