Saturday, September 11, 2010

new commission ... and then some!

Hello everyone! It's been quite a while but I've been busy as hell for the past couple of weeks and the scedule won't seem to change for the next 2 as well so updates will be scarce...

On the bright side, I've got 2 more commission jobs settled, A Blood Angels and an Eldar army. I've started working on some Swooping Hawks as you can see from the picture

I have also started work on the Blood Angels part of the commission with a wonderful new model, Asorath the Grim. Pics of him soon as I am ready to finish him, most probably today!

Last but not least, tommorow I will be attending a doubles 40K Tournament and I will give you a report as soon as I can, so keep an eye on this space.

Take care everyone!!


  1. Good luck with the tournament tommorow.
    White primer makes me nervous by the way, it never seems to work for me.

  2. Yeah, I had the same problem too but with Bor Dragonbane I managed to get over my "white undercoat" phobia eventually and be comfortable with it...

    Hope to see you there too! Thanks for the comment! XD

  3. No worries.
    Well last time I used white undercoat it was a disaster. The surfaces were textured and looked like I've painted them with chalk. Had to paint strip the models all over again.
    I won't make it tommorow since I had already other plans.

  4. Yeah, it's Mihalis! It's good to hear you're getting a lot of work done at least and I'm excited about seeing pictures when you get some time to spare. Those Swooping Hawks already look great, you must have very happy clients. I'd like to try painting some Eldar in a few months so don't be surprised if I come to you with questions. : ) Happy painting!

  5. Good to be back too Jason! Its a good thing that I have more commissions pouring in but on the other hand this means less time for my own projects :( Thank you for your comment and I would be glad to answer any question!