Sunday, September 12, 2010

One more tourney is over...

...and what a great time it was!! Our team placed second overall (I remind you it was a doubles tournament) and I must say I played one of the best battles with a rather interesting Ork army. As you can see from the pics it was a fully blown up Nob Biker Speed Freek WAAAGH!! with a double Warboss mayhem!!

Uhh... sir I think we may have a problem....! 

It was so tense trying to take all these double wounded T5 frenzied killing machines, it almost made me homesick of my own orks ...

Heres a more panoramic view of the same caption, one click before the massive close combat started!

Things didn't go so well for my Termies lurking in the Raider (mainly due to my inability to roll my 2+ Armor saves... :S ) but the tides of the battle eventually turned mainly due to the great firepower that we had... 

Great stuff... thats why I love this game so much!!

On to the painting table once again, more updates soon!!


  1. Nice pictures ;)
    Noob bikers are not challenging anymore I think. There are so many stuff that kill them easily these days or make them run away that I wouldn't even consider playing with them anymore.
    Congratulation on the wins too. Who were you playing with?

  2. Yes, I see what you mean, surely a whole army only on Nob bikers is something that may not work so well eventually, but a unit of these is something that will do some serious punching. Anywayz, we played against some marines (Blood Angels and Space Wolves) for the first battle which we lost for a small difference and the last battle with some Imperial Guard and Blood Angels that we won with a massive difference and gave us the second place. Great games all of them!