Sunday, October 3, 2010

Another Tournament is over

... and what a great experience... with 34 people attending and loads of fun in a great place!

3 Battles were played in total, I got to play with Eldar (I can't seem to get away from them in tournaments...) Daemons and Imperial Guard. I got 2 victories with Eldar (yupeeee!!!) and Daemons (Ghaz got the title Daemonhunter from this battle, see the pic below) but got beaten by the Guard, from a very powerful and fast list with Vendettas and loads of Stormtroopers and veterans and of course meltas...! 

One Bloodthirster down... 1 more to go :P

3 Great games and one helluva day full of gaming!! Can't wait for next time!! XD


  1. Nice one! Well my Ghaz only managed to kill a Daemonprince (I got unlucky with those +2 inv. saves) but it still have to count for something. I think daemons know now who the real close combat bosses of the galaxy are. It's time to give Tyranids a lesson now!

  2. hur hur... yup, we iz gonna give doze bugz a lesun!!

  3. They kinda have turned more of a shooting army nowdays so I don't know if they are even going to put up a good fight :P

  4. Yup it surely was a blast! Its a great satisfaction to take out in close combat one of the greatest close combat specialists of the game!