Friday, October 15, 2010

Blood Angels Vanguard Veteran Sergeant with Jump Pack

Project Blood Angels is slowly but steadily progressing and I have just finished another addition to my friend's army, the direct only Vet sergeant with jump pack!

Its a wonderful model with clear details and really fun to paint. I have some objections with the sculpt of the head but other than that I think its a wonderful addition to a BA army. I didn't try anything fancy here, just some extreme highlights on the power sword which I thing turned out ok. 

Again photographing red turns out to be a nightmaire, the highlights are vanished... :( but you can get an idea...

You can also leave a vote on CoolMiniOrNot as usual ;)

EDIT: Taking the advice of Antipope I shot the model again and I think that the result is far better now! Many thanks for you tip! XD


  1. Good model and a very nice paintjob. Colours on the pictures look a little bit blurry though I am afraid. Did you try longer exposure with the camera?

  2. No, but I played a little bit with Photoshop curves ... I'll try loner exposure to see how it works! Thanks for the tip.

  3. Well I am really bad with Photoshop, it seems the more I tweak my pics with it the worse they turn out.

    I take my pics with the highest depth of field possible (so it doesn't focus on any one point) and if there is not enough light (my camera has an indication) I use quite long exposure 3-4 seconds sometimes. It really makes a difference. Give it a go and let me know how it works for you.

  4. As you can see I tried your tip and I think it really worked! I need some more practice and I'll get the hang of it! Many thanks!

  5. That's what I am talking about! Glad it worked for you. Now next step is to make sure that light comes uniformly from all angles so there is going to be no shade on the model. Try setting up one lamp on the left and the other on the right until you see no shadow either left or right. If you use a lamp directly above the model there is going to be no light compensating from below and you end up having a lot of shadows in the pic (like the ones I see below the jetpack on your pictures.)

  6. @Loquacious: Many thanks!! So glad that you liked it!

    @Antipope: Yes, I had one light above and one on the side as you can see from the article I did for mini photos, but I felt that it needed more light concentrated on one side, so I placed both lamps on top. Maybe I'll get bigger bulbs as I originally thought and leave one lamp to the side. I could also use one third lamp on the other side of the box. As I said, I still need more practice on this... ;)