Wednesday, October 20, 2010

revisiting the Fantasy chain of events... one rat at a time!

Do you get that feeling once in a while that some seemingly different events can lead to a chain effect and eventually lead you to get decisions that you wouldn't otherwise?

Don't get so serious all of a sudden, this blog won't change its subject to some philosophical rumbling of some sort ... but I just had to share the chain of events that lead to what seems to be my next model (or rather project) to come...

Firstly I have to say a great thanks to PapaJJ for his great Skaven (and ork) gift a couple of months ago, that really got me again on to thinking more out of my 40K box, more on this in future posts...

Secondly, last Saturday I decided to dig my Fantasy books and stuff and arrange a battle with a good friend of mine. Its been quite a while since the new edition hit the shelves but this would be only my 3rd battle with the new rules This would be a great 2000 pts one since the previous 3 were only 500pts test battles. Anyways, as you may have already known, I have quite a few Fantasy armies (including a massive Empire army and a large Tomb Kings force) but my big Fantasy love is the Skaven! There is a post somewhere around here that shows my old skool Doomwheel. So here I was, leaving my commission work for a while, digging out my Skaven Army Book making army lists ... and it was fun!

The next day I went to play the battle against my friend's daemons. I must say that I absolutely loved that game and I totally love the new rules! The result isn't that important, just the fact that it really got me into Fantasy stuff again and that I killed my third BloodThirster in 2 different game systems in 2 weeks time :P :P

Last but definately not least ... was this :

That was it... next thing I knew, I was hanging in my closet trying to find that order I did back then when the Skaven Army book was out!

Oh yes, the vermin tide is coming... and it will be nasty!!  XD


  1. Not more dang rodents! (I'm swimming in them!) In a purely jesting way, of course.

  2. You're very welcome, Mihalis! I'm so grateful for the support you've offered me in my own endeavors, thank you for giving me the chance to do something nice! I'm really glad I was able to help contribute to the growing horde and I'm sure the new rats will look absolutely wonderful... in a vile, verminous sort of way, of course. It looks like some cool things will be coming out soon, I'm excited to see what type of new plans you have. Take care!

    Oh, and congrats on taking out so many Bloodthirsters in such a short amount of time. That's awesome! But are you sure you're not really an angry, tattooed dwarf with spiky orange hair and big axe? Just wondering...

  3. @Loquacious: I hope that you don't mean live ones :P

    @PapaJJ: In my last Fantasy game it was more of a collaborate work that I took him out but in 40K I killed 2 of these fellas with another close combat monster; Ghazghull Mac Uruk Thraka!! Deep inside me though I think the dwarf you have just described lurks!

  4. Mihalis: It's sort of an inside joke. My husband's nickname is "Rat", and a big group of our friends decided to name themselves after a different rodent. It's just amusing to see the Skavens coming back at the same time all this is going on.

  5. See what I ment with different chain events seemingly different :D Now I have your story to add to my other stories that led me to take up skaven again ;) thanks for sharing!