Tuesday, November 23, 2010

For Dorn and Terra!

And thus another Tournament Sunday ends leaving me with the sweetest memories! As promised I am back to post some great pics from yesterday's Genocide Chronicles that I took part with my Imperial Fists and my new 40K friends.

3 great battles, 2 victories, 1 draw and a helluva time was yesterday's aftermath. Great place to play, wonderful terrain (although a little scarce on some places) and great gamers to interact! Anything more for a wargamer to ask? Let me give some details on the whole event

1st battle was with the new Dark Eldar and I was kinda worried on how to face them since I knew but little on this list...Loads of witches on fast raiders, Helions with the new Baron fella, loads of dark lances and Mr Absdurbael (I hope to spell it right... :P ) himself leading the fray! The highlights on this battle have to be my scouts that took down the 2 Talos before they could cause any harm and of course Lysander that eventually took Absdurbael down in the last turn of close combat. Unfortunately got carried away by the massacre in the close combat and failed to capture the opponent's objective and the game ended up in a tie... (although I won in VPs count).

I must say that the terrain was also really great! Although impractical in gaming terms in some occasions, it really got me into the mood!

2nd Battle was with Daemons. Thats an army that I know some things about and I was kinda confident when the matchups came along. But a game is a game and nothing is certain on how it will end up. The list was quite powerful with 2 Bloodthirsters, Kharnak and a pack full of hounds horrors, flamers and 2 Daemon Princes... I was really hoping for the Chaos Gods to continue being fickle as they were usually with this Codex! The game had its ups and downs with things being really balanced in most parts of it but I managed to turn the tides on the last turn scoring 3 more kill points and winning eventually a rather insecure game. This should teach me being overconfident...

I should also point out the fact that the Daemon army was a real beauty to see. Really well painted and I really enjoyed playing with it, no wonder it won the best painted army award in the end (more on this later)

3rd Battle was with the Eldar. I don't know how this happens but it seems that in EVERY Tournament no matter how many players are playing with them, I ALWAYS get to play with at least 1 Eldar army... it is as someone sets this up and I must say that my statistics are not the best against the pointed ears... but this time it was different. A rather unusual army list consisting of loads of jetbikes, shining spears (boy I haven't seen those fellas in ages) fire dragons, dire avengers and the Avatar. The highlight of this match has to be the lonely Terminator that after successfuly survived for 4 rounds of combat with the Avatar, eventually hammered the Eldar god to the ground! Victory for me again and a surpisingly easy one as well... I'm slowly starting to get over my Eldar phobia.

Overall our team finished 4th with a point difference from the third one, really nice result considering the fact that we had to face some of the top players in Greece!

Last but not least was the best painted army contest. I was nominated for best painted although my army is far from finished, I had some units just painted the minimum 3 colours for the requirements of the tournament. I lost to the great daemon army that I played with in the 2nd battle, a fair result. Hopefully when I finish mine I will get it next Tourney ;) Here are some pics of the finalists for the best painted army;

The winning best painted army!

So there you go, If you look closely you can get a glimpse of some things I finished painting for my Fists, I'm in the process of getting pictures, so stay tuned to see more yellow madness coming up!


  1. Love that city board you played deldar on!

  2. Yeah I know, it was really cool to play in such a beautiful terrain!

  3. You did quite well, but how bad did your mates perform to finish 4th overall? Was it seven teams in total?

    And grats for the best painted nomination. Models look good on the tabletop but I guess you have more detail to add before you take some close up pictures.

  4. Well we had some defeats and quite a few draws and yes the teams were 7 in total. It was a bummer that we lost 3rd place for only 1 point but thats how things are in a competitive enviroment.

    As I said, my army is far from finished, the Raiders are done though and I am going to post pics as soon as I find some time to take them!

  5. Fabulous report and excellent way of capturing the feel of a tournament. I love that city terrain- lovely!