Sunday, February 20, 2011

Our new Warhammer table and Terrain!

Hello again! This time I would like to share with you the progress of a table that I am building with a friend.

It has always been a dream to build my own table one day, in a place where I could spread all my bits and pieces of modelling activity. A place where I could create all these terrain pieces I always wanted and play battles the way I would like.

This childhood dream has finally come to life in the past few months where I am in the process of building a Warhammer table along with a friend.

You could try and guess what is the next terrain piece prepared on the back table...not the big board, that is something for future posts to discuss... :P

As you can see we've started by creating a generic table with lots of woods and hills, some craters and of course the regular ruins. I am really pleased with the way these pieces came out and I can't wait to play my first battle in it! Unfortunately most pics are not so good as they were taken in a hurry but I will definitely get some more good shots when I get the chance! Hopefully this will happen tomorrow so keep an eye for an update, maybe a battle report but definitely some pics.

So what do you think so far? Any terrain ideas you would like to share?


  1. Indeed... you should know, you helped creating them ;)

  2. it look great Cadaver.Well did you made it out of wood or some other material ?

  3. Thank you! Most of the pieces were created with foamcore and various types of card.

  4. Looking great! I wish I had enough space in my house for a gaming table.

  5. Thank you! Truth is that I found some space somewhere else than my house, either way its really nice to have your own table!

  6. Hey nice man! Where does it fit. I see a lot of trees there but I guess it's cool because you can play Fantasy as well!

  7. Thank you! The truth is that the trees were the easiest things to do since they were mostly ready so thats why you see a lot of them. We are planning on creating a lot more buildings in the future but for the time being these will have to do.



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