Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blood Angels Honour Guard

Hello everybody!

It's been quite a while from my last post but real life messed with my hobbies quite well and I had minimal time to spend with anything other than sleeping :P

Anyways, I managed to finish another piece of my Blood Angels commission and this time I also tried something different with photographing, I took a full squad shot, something that was made possible with my new lightbox...

You may have noticed that I have posted the sergeant with the hand flamer again but since I'm playing around with new photo settings I thought I should try and take some more pictures of him along with the whole squad.

I must say that although I am finally starting to get the results I like, red is a true pain in the a** to get it right...
I really love my new background though...!

So I really would like to hear what you think and as always see your votes in CoolMiniOrNot


  1. Stupid real life!
    I like the new pictures, I think you are getting the hang of it. WTF is the guy with meltagun and flamer on each arm?

  2. Haha well I think that these combinations are actually legal with the Honour Guard... anyway I got the models already assembled so I'm not exactly sure.

  3. I know it's not your fault, but that Sergeant looks very "emo" (mopey)... I really don't like the face on him.

    Despite that, you painted him beautifully!

  4. Well yeah, even though the rest of the model is really great, the face isn't in the same quality. Thank you for your comment once again Loq!

  5. Nice work! Sweet photos, I wa wondering about those Melta/ flamer load-outs myself... aren't BA strong enough already?!?!