Friday, November 11, 2011

Yay!! Featured in Games Workshop once again!!

Just a quickie today since I'm busy preparing my Death Guard (stay tuned for updates soon ;) )

I have just realized (Thank you George :) ) that my Imperial Fists Scout Sergeant Telion is featured in Games Workshop's Whats new today blog although they mention me with only my nickname... oh well :P

Commence Happy Dance :D

On a side note, my friend and fellow wargamer George that pointed me to the post, has his own really cool blog featuring all his fantastic paintjobs. Why dont you take a look :)

And I don't know if you have heard... :P


  1. 1. Family Guy is awesome.
    2. You should mail the web team at GW and let them know who you are and show off some more of your awesome stuff. GW needs to know that we want more yellow:)

  2. Thank you Flekkzo! As a fellow Imperial Fist player I can understand why you want more yellow :P I already told them about the name, but they didn't seem to bother changing it, although they said they would. Oh well, I guess its still cool that they mentioned me anyways.

  3. Very nice! Didn't know your last name was Flkr though!

  4. Hehe, its the nickname I have on my Flickr account where they found the photo (which I changed actually...) It was just a quick idea for a screen name as Cadaver was already taken!

  5. Well deserved, your painting is awesome